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Pheromone Parfum for Men

Shiatsu Pheromone Parfum for him is elegant and aromatic – the masculine scent gets her attention while the pheromones make him instantly irresistible.

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Shiatsu Pheromone Parfum for Men makes him instantly more attractive to the opposite sex. This perfume is infused with pheromones and the classic signature Shiatsu male fragrance is elegant but masculine. This perfume for men contains lemon, cedar wood, orange blossoms and patchouli and has a fresh, aromatic scent. This perfume appeals to her on a subconscious level, increasing her lust and amplifying his sex appeal. This pheromone perfume for men is part of the sensual The Garden of Love range, a collection of pleasure products that awaken the senses with aphrodisiac scents and irresistible perfumes.


  • 15ml
  • Perfumed Pheromone Spray
  • For Men
  • Elegant perfume with pheromones * Attractive to women, erotic, sexy and lustful * With our classic male fragrance * fresh aromatic scent with lemon, cedar wood, orange blossoms and patchouli


Flavour / Scent None
Liquid Size No
Type Water based
Added Sensation None

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