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Tailbud Butt Plug

The Tailbud butt plug unleashes your unbridled love of horseplay and features real horse hair and Swarovski crystals.

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Heat up your horseplay with the Tailbud horsetail butt plug. This stainless steel butt plug features a tail made from real horsetail hair for an authentic experience. It’s long enough to whip your bottom as you play, making it the ultimate toy for lovers of animal play. This horsehair butt plug is tapered to the tip for easier insertion. It has a bulbous body, a narrow neck and a wide base for safety. Skated bronze accents and Swarovski crystals give it a stunning finish. This butt plug has a penetrating length of 6cm, and width of 3cm, making it perfect for intermediate players.


  • Inox Steel
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Horsetail Hair
  • Skated Bronze Accents


Contents 1 x Tailbud Butt Plug
Speed No Vibration
Stimulation Anal
Type For Either
Waterfriendly Non-Waterproof
Size Butt Plug: 6cm X 3cm
Material Inox Steel | Horsetail Hair | Swarovski Crystals
Powersource No power source
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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