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Position Of The Day

Position of the Day is your ultimate go-to guide when it comes to sexy couples positions. This book serves as a sex manual with easy illustrations and plenty of kinky challenges that reward you with maximum partner pleasure.

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If your sex life has ever been in a rut, you’ll love Position of the Day - an illustrated book of 366 positions for every mood and fitness level. This book of sex positions is packed with ideas and illustrations that take you from so-so to oh! oh! It’s a handy guide for couples looking to rev up their sex life and is based on the idea that ‘half the fun of an orgasm is the journey there.’ This book arms you with one sex position a day, with one extra position for the year, just in case! You can start off slowly with a slightly easier position like the ‘Drop and Give Me 20’ or you can jump right in and practice your muscle control skills with ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ or ‘The Gym Membership.’ This book is packed with positions that test your stamina, your endurance and your imagination. It’s the perfect piece of bedtime reading for couples that love a good dose of adventure as they push boundaries in the bedroom and beyond!


  • Sex Every Day In Every Way
  • 365 Sex Positions
  • Great For Couples
  • A Position a Day Keeps The Love Doctor Away


Product Type Sex Guides

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