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His And Hers | Personal Lubricant

This lubricant gift set intensifies shared pleasure and ingredients like Ginkgo for him and Ginseng for her enhance pleasure and stimulation.

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This Pjur His & Hers lubricant gift set makes shared pleasure even more sensational. This set contains one energizing bottle of lubricant for him and one bottle of stimulating lubricant for her. The lube for him contains Ginkgo to improve blood circulation and enhance and invigorate pleasure. The lube for her contains Ginseng which has a subtle warming effect for extra stimulation. These water-based lubricants can be used safely with your toys and can be used for solo or partner pleasure. Pjur His & Hers lubricants leave your skin feeling pampered, moisturised and hydrated – and the extra moisture intensifies sensation for potent pleasure.


  • Energizing Personal Lubricant for Him
  • Stimulating Personal Lubricant for Her
  • Waterbased
  • Condom Safe
  • 2 x 30ml Bottles Included
  • A Warming, Stimulating Collection
  • For Him & Her
  • Ecologically Formulated
  • Pjur His Contains Ginkgo
  • Pjur Hers Contains Ginseng
  • Contains No Spermicides
  • Ideal Gift Package


Flavour / Scent None
Liquid Size 30 ml
Type Water based
Added Sensation With Sensation
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