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Fat Boy SPORT | Penis Extender Sleeve

The Fat Boy Sport extender by Perfect Fit adds girth and length to your penis while doubling up as a stroker thanks to the textured nubs and ribs to the inside – perfect for solo and partner pleasure!

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The Fat Boy Sport extender by Perfect Fit adds girth to your penis for a bigger, better encounter every time. This extender has a simple, comfortable design. You simply hook it onto your balls with the opening to the bottom. This extender is great for guys that prefer a more snug fit and also tugs on your balls for enhanced pleasure. This toy can be used for partner pleasure or for solo play and it doubles up as a stroker thanks to the soft nubs and ribs to the inside. This unique penis extender is made from Silaskin – a blend of silicone and TPR. It’s unbelievable stretchy and measures 5.5 inches in inner diameter. You can use this toy safely with a water based lubricant and it’s easily cleaned with simple soap and water.

Alternative Use: Use the extender on a vibrator or dildo to make them softer and bigger. Note: The Fat Boy is not latex compatible, and can't be used with a latex condom.


  • Ultra Soft & Stretchy 'SilaSkin' Blend
  • Increases Girth Substantially
  • Incredible Sensation for Both Partners
  • Closed Tip Design
  • Built-In Penis Stimulators
  • This Product Is Porous
  • Base Opening
  • Works Best With a Waterbased Lubricant
  • TPR & Silicone


Contents 1 x Penis Sleeve
Speed No Vibration
Stimulation Penis
Type For Him
Waterfriendly Waterproof
Size Full Length: 16.5cm | Inner Dimension: 14cm
Material A Proprietary Blend of TPR & Silicone
Powersource No power source
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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