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The Guide to Getting It On

The best HOW-TO sex book ever written! In-depth research and quirky humour makes this one of the most comprehensive and compelling sex guides available today. Covering every aspect of sex, from sexual health to sexuality and all the wild and wonderful topics in between - any question you could possibly have regarding sex is covered in a frank and fresh manner.

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The Guide to Getting It On has won five awards and has been translated into 12 foreign languages. Some people say it’s the best how-to book on sex ever written - we say it’s the funniest to read! Smart enough to be used for sex ed courses, schools even use it as a guide for training doctors. The Guide covers a full range of topics from romance, necking and losing your virginity, to things we can’t even mention here.


  • Award-Winning Sex Guide
  • Translated into 12 Languages
  • Informative, Educational & Eye-Opening


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