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Wheel of Pleasure

The stainless steel Wheel of Pleasure by Ouch! is a kinky classic and brings the thrill of medical play to the bedroom.

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The Wheel of Pleasure straddles the fine line between bliss and pain – perfect for those who are curious about kink! This wheel features sharp stainless steel pins that can be used to tease, please or punish. You can be as strong or as subtle as you like and the harder you press, the more intense the stimulation. This toy measures 18.5cm x 8cm x 3.6cm. It’s easy to handle and the stainless steel wheel keeps hygiene in check. Run this pinwheel over your partner’s skin for a light tickle or take your BDSM play to new heights when you put a little extra weight behind the wheel.


  • Very Sharp Pin Wheel
  • ABS & Stainless Steel


Contents 1 x Pinwheel
Material No
Size 18.5cm

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