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no!no! Smooth After Treatment Cream

Discover a luxurious, lightly scented post hair removal cream that assists in slowing and reducing hair regrowth. Infused with natural minerals, vitamins and other skin friendly ingredients, your skin will feel soft and smooth as it experiences all of these the nourishing moisturizers and nutrients. Fragrant and soothing, no!no! Smooth contains CapislowTM to help minimise hair regrowth by up to 35%. Hair-free, care-free days.

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Once you have successfully treated yourself to a no!no! hair removal session (or any other hair removal), apply the rich and nourishing after treatment cream. This delicately scented cream will assist in reducing hair growth by up to 35% for longer lasting hair free days. The no!no! Smooth After Treatment cream contains a unique extract called Capislow - derived from the Larrea Divaricata desert plant which is capable of disrupting hair growth. In time your hair growth will be reduced along with reducing hair density. An added bonus is an anti-inflammatory property which has the added boost of a protective effect after most hair removal methods. no!no! Smooth cream keeps skin silky, soft and oh so touchable!


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