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Speed Dating Cards | Openhearted

Get your date to dish the dirty with these exciting Open Hearted Speed Dating cards. This nifty pack features 50 questions that help you get to know a potential partner. You’ll quickly discover whether to cosy up or cop out.

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This pack of mini cards breaks the ice, and the straight forward questions will find out whether your date is quirky, raunchy, hilarious or risqué. Does your date prefer romantic rose petals and candles or handcuffs and a whip? What’s the most adventurous thing they’ve ever done? Who is their best friend and why? These speed dating cards are an intimate introduction and their handy size means you can keep them close and whip them out whenever you like. Once you’ve established that you’ve met your match, there’s one cheeky question the cards won’t ask for you: Your place…. Or mine?


Contents 50 x Varied & Surprising Questions
Type Game
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