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KE-GEL | Kegel Exercise Lubricant 50ml

Ke-Gel lubricant is designed to make kegel exercises a breeze. It’s specially formulated for use with Kegel8 exercisers, adding moisture to make the most of your pelvic workout.

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This kegel exercise lubricant is a dream for sensitive skins – It’s fragrance, colour and flavour free for a subtle but effective essential. The pump-action top makes it great for regular fuss-free use and the perfect PH formulation keeps your body beautifully balanced. This lubricant is water based and gives your vaginal moisture a boost. This primes your body for use with your favourite Kegel8 exerciser, and even works to make electronic devices more effective. This lube is free from hormones and makes for a happy internal environment. It can even be used without an exerciser to hydrate, putting an end to daily dryness.

Recommended For Use With All Kegel8 Kegel Exercisers Manual & Digital


  • Paraben Free
  • Pump Action Nozzle
  • Body Friendly Lubricant
  • Specially Formulated For Kegel Exercising
  • Natural Non-Staining Gel
  • Boosts Efficiency of Electronic Probes


Flavour / Scent None
Liquid Size 50 ml
Type Water based
Added Sensation None
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