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Se7en Deadly Sins Board Game

7 Deadly Sins is a delightfully sinful game that tests your knowledge of naughtiness and your willingness to act out silly and outrageous sins. This is a wild and wanton adult board game that will have you and fellow players acting out devilishly dark and daring acts - who knows what might happen!

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To give you an idea of how wild this game is, to begin, everyone must first Go To Hell on the game board. You and the other players then tunnel your way up to the earth's surface in order to win. You'll answer trivia questions associated with the 7 Deadly Sins - Vanity & Beauty, Envy, Jealousy & Theft, Anger, Revenge & War, Sloth & Vulgarity, Greed, Wealth & Gambling, Gluttony & Food, and Lust, Love & Sex . Every time you land on a token square, you must select a Sin card and perform the relevant Sin if you want to earn the token. Obtain all seven Sin tokens and act out one final Sin to win the game!


Contents 270 x Trivia Cards | 100 x Sin Cards | 7 x Game Markers | 49 x Sin Tokens | 1 x Dice
Type Game
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