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Fun Factory

Bendy Beads | Anal Toy

For glorious gradual pleasure, BendyBeads offer an elastic anal chain that’s flexible and soft with a textured finish. These anal beads allow you to play at your own pace as you insert the smallest bead first and work your way up to exciting anal intensity. BendyBeads can be used by men and women for solo or couples play and they’re great for all experience levels too, thanks to the varying sizes of those heavenly bottom beads! Ridge detail adds even more intensity.

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Fun Factory fans can’t help but compare BendyBeads to the popular Flexi Felix – but this anal chain is more firm and more rigid. The unique winding chain delivers magical sensation as it makes contact with every anal sweet spot. BendyBeads offer a double dose of fun – they’re as pleasurable to insert as they are to withdraw, giving you plenty to get excited about on the way in – and on the way out. This anal bead chain bends to your every whim, allowing you to move into your favourite positions without compromising your pleasure. These anal beads can be enhanced with a water based lubricant, allowing you to move them in and out at varying speeds for total sensory satisfaction. BendyBeads measure 10.3 inches, but insert them at your own pace for personalised pleasure that’s off the charts.

Feeling rude, randy, naughty and adventurous? Try this... After BendyBeads are in place, let your body grow accustomed to them. Wait for the temperature, muscles and feelings to be right.


Then get your partner to pull out the beads when you least expect it. Try it gently at first, then faster and faster. Use a lot of lube!

When you're about to climb the walls, it gets even better. Tense your body around the beads as tight as possible and as your partner pulls the beads out, try to hold them in place tightening your muscles. Hold, hold, hold! This is great exercise, feels amazing and will heighten your climax! It's also kinky and intimate to share like this with your partner. Play slowly to let your body adjust. Only after about 10 - 15 minutes will your body REALLY start relaxing for anal sex.. Enjoy the experience slowly. We promise it's worth the wait!


  • Removal Handle
  • Comfortable Handling
  • Extremely Durable
  • Simple Cleaning With No Residue
  • 100% Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Velvet Flexibility
  • Necessary Firmness
  • More Rigid Than Flexi Felix
  • Our Favourite Anal Beads


Contents FunFactory lube sample included
Stimulation Anal
Type For Either
Waterfriendly Waterproof
Size 26cm x 3.4cm
Material Hypoallergenic Silicone
Warranty 2 Year Warranty

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