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Fifty Shades of Grey

Soft Limits | Deluxe Wrist Tie

Test your tolerance for all things naughty with the Fifty Shades Soft Limits. Meant to emulate Christian Grey's necktie, this soft, sensual restraint offers just as much versatility and is perfect for light bedroom bondage fun...

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If you want to play like Grey, introduce the sumptuously soft and wonderfully strong Fifty Shades Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Ties. This special restraint is extra long for varied play and endless erotic possibilities... use it to tie your partner’s wrists or ankles together or to furniture. The satin wrist tie is designed to tie (and untie just as easily) so you can experiment in a safe and uninhibited way during playtime. Simply place a wrist or ankle on either side of the central loop and tie the satin length into a beautiful bow with naughty intentions...

"He binds my wrists together with the tie, knotting it firmly. His eyes are bright with wild excitement. He tugs at the binding. It’s secure and I am under his control. My hearts leaps and desire pools way down low..."


  • Soft, Sensual & Strong Satin
  • Great for Effective Restraint
  • Easy-to-Tie
  • Extra-Long for Varied Play & Possibilities
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Badge


Contents 1 x Satin Wrist Tie | 1 x Satin Storage Bag
Material No
Size Length: 130cm | Width: 8.5cm

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