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Femidom Female Condom

When it comes to sex, us girls like to give guys a run for their money. So when it comes to contraception, we’re taking charge. The Femidom female condom promises protection on your own terms, and your partner will love that you’ve taken the initiative.

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The female condom is easy to use, and protects against pregnancy and STI’s just like the male condom. It’s made from polyurethane rather than latex, giving you the added benefit of being able to use it with oil based lubricants like sensation enhancing gels for a little extra tingle. The female condom is inserted in advance, so once you’re in the swing of things you can move swiftly from foreplay to full-on sex in seconds.


  • 1 x FC2 Female Condom
  • One Time Use Only


Contents No
Flavour / Scent None
Pack / Size No
Health Type No

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