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Falucca Linen

Oxford Satin Stitch | Standard Pillowcases

2 x White Standard Pillowcases in luxurious Egyptian Cotton. Once you've slept on these Egyptian cotton pillowcases with a stylish satin stitch detail, you'll never go back to the sheets you buy at the shopping mall. The soft smoothness of the 500 thread-count linen is more luxurious than any other material we've ever felt.


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These white satin stitch Oxford pillowcases are simply exquisite. If you haven't slept on our luxury 500 thread-count linen, then you're in for an amazing surprise! Egyptian cotton feels spectacular! From the first moment that you rest your head on this fabric you realize something is different. This softness creates a superbly comfortable experience. The 500 threads per inch means that this cotton is super-fine and very soft against your skin. Egyptian cotton standard pillowcases are great for your skin and hair too because it's softer than the usual linen that we're used to sleeping on - it won't leave those annoying pillow crease lines on your face. Spoil yourself with these gorgeous pillow cases!


  • 550 Thread Count
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Stylish Satin Stitch Detail
  • 2 x White Standard Pillowcases
  • Satin Stitch Available in Either Black or White


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Material Cotton
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