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Neo Cosmetique

Organic Massage Oil

Indulge, pamper and play with either one of these three gorgeous scented oils by Exsens. These oils are ideal for massaging fair skin and are formulated from 100% natural origin ingredients for use on all skin types.

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For hands-on pleasure, this organic massage oil is the ultimate erotic essential. It’s made with up to 93% organic ingredients and flows easily onto the skin for a soft, subtle seduction. This oil is light and easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling nourished, hydrated, pampered and ready for pleasure. This organic massage oil is available in three varieties that each contain a semi-precious stone with benefits - Amber Jojoba, Garnet Argan and Amethyst Sweet Almond. Jojoba oil invites positive energy, dispels bad moods and softens the skin for a smooth, inviting finish. Argan oil banishes fatigue, stimulates your senses and leaves you feeling invigorated, excited and stimulated. Sweet Almond oil helps you to relax as it focuses on your well-being, putting you in the mood for pampering. All three oils can be used as massage oils for partner pleasure as well as a body oil for nourishment and hydration.


  • Harmonizing Massage Oil
  • Ideal For Daily Use
  • Made From Organic Ingredients
  • Great For Couples Massage


Flavour / Scent None
Liquid Size 100 ml
Type Oil based
Added Sensation None
Liquid Type Massage
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