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Oral Sex She'll Never Forget | Sex Guide

It’s all in the...mouth? Oral Sex She'll Never Forget claims to have all of the moves- mouth moves that is- for giving your lady oral sex that deserves a standing ovation. This book is an easy-to-read guide on any kind of cunnilingus you can conjure thoughts of- and some you can’t. Author Sonia Borg educates the amateur with an informative introduction on female anatomy but also provides tips on positions, mouth moves, hand strokes and sex toys for the more advanced oral explorer.

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The cool thing about Oral Sex She'll Never Forget is that you don’t have to waste your time reading it. Just kidding- but really, wouldn’t you rather be practicing your mouth moves than reading a book about it? Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget is an extremely informative guide on achieving female orgasm via mouth. However, it doesn’t have to be read sequentially and there are tons of delicious photos and diagrams demonstrating oral sex. You can open this book anywhere and learn something new and interesting. Detailed scenarios outlining every type of cunnilingus are peppered with “Sex Facts” and “The Sexpert Says” tips. So, if you just want to grab a bite and save your real appetite for later, indulge in this yummy guide to female oral sex.


  • Real Photos
  • Diagrams
  • Sex Tips
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