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Coco de Mer

Catherine Pleasure Ball Set | Coco de Mer

Strengthen your Kegel muscles gradually with this set of three trainers, designed to tone and tighten your muscles with every movement. This pleasure ball set has a smooth finish and in sleek silicone they’re comfortable, effective and designed to stimulate and strengthen. 

Douse your chosen kegel ball with water-based lubricant before insertion for a super-smooth experience.

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Stronger Kegels mean stronger orgasms and the Coco de Mer Catherine pleasure ball set inspires you to train, tone and tighten your pelvic muscles in comfort. This pleasure ball set doesn’t just target your muscles, it feels amazing as it stimulates and strengthens at the same time. This Kegel set includes 3 exercisers in different weights - choose between 50g, 77g and 118g weights. Each Kegel trainer is made from smooth, sleek silicone that feels great when worn internally. On the inside, each trainer features roaming balls that move when you do, using your own body movements to work optimally. These exercisers are designed for intimate internal pleasure and precise toning and tightening of your PC muscles. They’re free from phthalates and latex and come in a stylish leather storage case. 


Contents 3 x Kegel Ball Size | Instruction Manual | Leather Case
Waterfriendly Waterproof
Material Silicone | Phthalates Free
Weights 59gms | 77gms | 118gms
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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