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Bijoux Indiscrets

Erotic Satin Handcuffs | Petits BonBon

Don't let your lover get away! Sexy satin handcuffs from Bijoux Indiscrets will keep your partner under control while you have your way with them.

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These two silky soft black ribbons are sneakily seductive. Seemingly simple, these supple ribbons actually have a hole at the end which, by passing the ribbon through, you create snug fitting cuffs that fit any wrists. Cleverly designed and delicately executed by Bijoux, these sexy restraints make playtime more sensual than the usual harsh metal handcuffs. These satin handcuffs make an attractive gift for couples who want to spice things up a bit but also keep things classy and clean.


  • Silky Satin Material
  • Seductive Restraints
  • Hole on one end creates a Snug Fit
  • Sexy Suede Detail


Contents 2 x Satin Handcuffs
Material No
Size One Size

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