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BeauMents Silicone Glide

If you love a velvety finish and a soft, silky feel, you’ll love our Beauments Glide silicone lubricant with it’s perfume-free formulation that lasts as long as you do. As a bedroom bonus, this lube doubles up for intimate massage, too.

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Beauments Glide silicone lubricant leaves your skin feeling silky, sexy and ready for pleasure. This lubricant is long lasting and we love that it doubles up for massages that lead seamlessly to more intimate moments. This silicone lubricant complements your own body’s natural moisture for the perfect balance. It leaves skin feeling soft and supple, and the velvety finish makes you feel every bit as pampered as you deserve. This lube has no odour or flavour and invites you to enjoy uninterrupted play. It is free from perfumes and preservatives and can be used with natural rubber latex condoms, too. Beauments Glide silicone lubricant comes in a stylish 100ml bottle and will quickly become a staple in your sex essentials.


  • Skin like Feel
  • Long Lasting
  • Natural Moisturise
  • 100ml Bottle
How To Choose the Right Lubricant for You
How To Choose the Right Lubricant for You

Choosing what lube will be right for you all depends on what you want to use it for. Lubricant companies have designed a range of different lubes – thinner, thicker, flavoured, silicone-based, water-based, warming and cooling – for a range of different uses.
The Why Behind Your Dry
The Why Behind Your Dry

Sex is supposed to be fun, slippery and pleasurable. But when you battle with vaginal dryness, it can be anything but.

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