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Replacement Comfort Pads Pack

This pack of 3 Comfort Pads is designed for use with your Bathmate pumps. These pads create a better seal and improve suction - they also make it easy to replace your worn out pad, giving your pump a longer lifespan.

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Keeping your Bathmate Hercules in tip top condition is easy with this pack of 3 Comfort Pads. Over time and with regular use, the comfort pad on your Bathmate will wear a little and these pads allow you to replace it easily and affordably. These Comfort Pads give your Bathmate a better seal and improved suction and help you to maintain your Bathmate penis pump for longterm use. These replacement pads for your Bathmate penis pump have a self-adhesive design and are easily attached to your pump. The soft foam creates a cushion that protects your skin from the cylinder for improved comfort, and creates a better seal and enhanced suction. These pads are an effortless way to prolong the life of your favourite Bathmate pump.


Contents 3 x Comfort Foam Pad Rings
Type Accessory

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