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Bachelorette Party Bingo

Just because the bride-to-be gets to unwrap all the gifts, it doesn’t mean she should get to have all the fun! This cute and quirky Bridal Gift Bingo will keep your gaggle of guests guessing – and the first to spot 5 similar gifts gets to shout “Bingo!”

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Bridal Gift Bingo gets her bachelorette party started. With a retro feel, this game is a sweet and sassy way to keep guests engaged. A cool combination of hearts and polka dots deliver an old school element to the celebration. In pretty pink, the game adds a pop of colour to the party, an instant party pick-me-up that brightens up her bridal theme. This set includes 10 bingo cards with plenty of heart stickers to cover the squares. Whether she’s unwrapping naughty lingerie or a vintage vase from her great aunt Val - all eyes are on the bride-to-be as guests get ready to jostle it out for first place.

A great game for all to guess what gifts the 'Bride To Be' will receive.


Contents 1 x Pack of 20 Bingo Sheets
Type Game
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