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I Do | Pearl Shoe Bling

If you’re getting ready to kick your heels up, you may want to amp up your embellishment with cute I Do shoe bling. These elegant shoe decals are perfect for adding instant shine to your wedding shoes, but they make a clever addition to your bachelorette heels, too.

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This wedding shoe bling adds an extra element to your wedding look. They’re sexy but subtle, and will give the groom something to smile about on the big day. Smooth pearls spell out the words ‘I Do’, an intimate acknowledgement of your big day. These shoe stickers look gorgeous and glam in wedding snaps – so you can get creative when you show them off. Try giving a glimpse of your shoes when you kneel down at the altar, or allow the camera to catch them while you’re getting all glammed up for the ceremony – pure pearly perfection!


Contents "I DO" Sticker
Type Novelty
Fantasies Make the World Go 'Round
Fantasies Make the World Go 'Round

Fantasies. We all have them. Sometimes we have them when we are playing on our own, sometimes when we are playing with our significant other.

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