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Anatomical Sheath

The Titus penis sheath adds a constricted feel which amplifies your own personal pleasure.

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The Titus Anatomical Sheath is a sexy addition to your BDSM play, that adds sensation and confidence in the bedroom. This lifelike penis sheath features vein detail as well as a perfectly shaped shaft for authentic fun. It fits snugly over the shaft and the testicles and delivers a constricted feeling. This tightens up even more when you’re erect for extra stimulation just where you need it. When worn, it adds a whole new layer of fun to your shared experience. It is made from high grade latex with an even finish and should only be used with a high quality water based lubricant for intensified sensation and comfort.

Not for use as a Contraceptive! Powder the inside of the Sheath with plain talc before putting it on.



     Box Content 1 x Rubber Anatomical Sheath
    Material High Graded Latex
    Measurements Not Worn: 16cm long & 4 cm Girth

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