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Male Chastity CB 6000 Clear

The CB 6000 is the ultimate Male Chastity Belt for male control. The clear CB 6000 Chastity is stylish and sexy, perfect for some bondage play and domination. Wearing a chastity belt can be extremely erotic! It's a great couple's toy to spice things up. Try something different - Put on the CB 6000 Chastity - Then surprise him and tease him, postponing his sexual pleasure... Make him beg...

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This is truly the Ferrari of all chastity devices. The CB 6000 is without a doubt the best chastity device on the market - and an amazing design for long term wear. Crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to withstand long periods of wearing, this belt will make sure that the male is locked tightly and cannot release himself at all - without the key holder! Its great flat design is far more comfortable to wear and also makes it down right impossible to break free from. Leave him wanting you like never before. The CB 6000 belt is designed to be lightweight and easily removed for cleaning when needed. It's also easy to urinate whilst inside of the chastity belt, meaning that the only time the belt will need to be unlocked is when the key holder decides it's time! The box comes with a fun variety of interesting extras - including a range of ring sizes, a brass padlock, 4 locking pins and 5 individually numbered plastic locks.


  • Made From High Quality Materials
  • 5 x Ring Sizes
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy To Remove
  • Easy To Clean


Contents 1 x Cage | 4 x Locking Pins | 4 x Spacers | 1 x Brass Padlock | 5 x Plastic Locks | Storage Bag
Material No
Size Cage: 8.25cm X 3.5cm | Ring Sizes: 38mm, 41mm, 45mm, 48mm, 51mm

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