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Black Friday Deals

Welcome to the most thrilling and intimate Black Friday event of the year! Unleash the Ultimate Shopper in You & Discover our Black Friday Specials Right here.

Black Friday Bliss
Sensational Savings on Adult Toys!

Dive into a world of pleasure and savings as we unveil our tantalizing deals on a curated selection of premium adult toys. This Black Friday, explore the heights of passion without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a first-time adventurer, our deals will ignite your desires and leave you breathless. Unleash the thrill of the season with discounts that will make your heart race and your senses tingle. Indulge in pleasure without compromise this Black Friday—because everyone deserves a little extra spice in their life. It's time to turn up the heat and make this Black Friday unforgettable!

Black Friday For Her

Great Prices on
These Sweet Vibes

Embrace a world of empowerment & pleasure with our curated collection of sex toys designed exclusively for women. At the intersection of sophistication & sensuality, our range caters to every desire and whim. From discreet delights to luxurious indulgences, each product is crafted to elevate your intimate experiences.


Womanizer Duo 2 | Dual Vibrator

The Womanizer Duo is a clever clitoral vibrator that knows just what women want. It blends touch-free sensations with deep vibrations for a double dose of pleasure. With 10 vibration modes, you’ll both be spoilt for choice.

NOW R 3,429


Lelo Lily 3 | Clitoral Vibrator

Lelo Lily 3 is the world’s first fragranced massager and the unique shape makes it perfect for solo pleasure or partner play. This vibe has 8 stimulation patterns & the rechargeable waterproof design makes it perfect for anytime, anywhere pleasure.

NOW R 2,959


Dame Eva II | Clitoral Vibrator

The Eva II by Dame is a small but mighty mini clitoral vibrator with flexible wings that tuck under your labia, with a body that sits on top of your clitoris for targeted pleasure during wild pleasure or intimate couples sex.

NOW R 2,719

Black Friday For Him

Beyond Boundaries
Redefining Your Pleasure

Step into a realm of unparalleled pleasure & excitement with our exclusive collection of sex toys designed with men in mind. Tailored to satisfy every desire, our curated selection combines innovation with sophistication. Whether you're exploring solo pleasures or enhancing shared experiences, our range of male-centric toys is crafted to elevate your intimate moments. From sleek designs to cutting-edge technology, each product is dedicated to unlocking new dimensions of pleasure.


Mia Malkova | Fleshlight Masturbator

The Womanizer Duo is a clever clitoral vibrator that knows just what women want. It blends touch-free sensations with deep vibrations for a double dose of pleasure. With 10 vibration modes, you’ll both be spoilt for choice.

NOW R 1,519


WE-VIBE Bond | Adjustable C-Ring

The first adjustable, quick-release, app & remote-controlled wearable cock ring that builds anticipation all day long. Wear Bond beneath your clothes to make every moment pleasurable, & take your foreplay to another level.

NOW R 2,479


Lovense Calor | Male Masturbator

The latest addition to the Long-Distance Sex toy market! The Lovense Calor is a depth-controlled heating compact male masturbator that isn't just filled with all the pleasurable bells and whistles but is also highly versatile.

NOW R 2,309


Revo Stealth | Prostate Massager

When it comes to prostate pleasure, the Nexus Revo Stealth slides into the top spot. With a remote controlled design this toy is perfect for playful partners and the rotating shaft sends you both into sensory overdrive.

NOW R 3,289

Black Friday For Couples

Shared Pleasures
Elevate Your Intimacy

Ignite the spark & deepen the connection with our exclusive collection of sex toys designed for couples. Explore a world where pleasure knows no limits and intimacy reaches new heights. From adventurous novelties to sophisticated intimacy enhancers, our range caters to diverse desires and preferences. Whether you're seeking to add a dash of excitement or strengthen your bond, our couple-centric toys are here to elevate your intimate moments.


Je Joue Naughty | Gold Feather Gift Set

Looking for an exciting gift for a special person? Or you may just want to treat yourself? This Je Joue Naughty Limited Edition Gift Set saves you money & still gives you the same amazing products.

NOW R 2,609


Amor Stub | Suction Base Dildo

The Amor Stub Dildo takes vaginal, anal and harness play to a new level. The dildo is ideal for his & hers solo play or couples play - with a natural shape that delivers life-like sensations.

NOW R 679


Steamy Shades | Suction Cuffs

Go beyond the bedroom with our Steamy Shades suction cuffs - designed especially for use on smooth surfaces like bathroom or kitchen tiles. Transform your own home into the ultimate bondage boudoir!

NOW R 739


OhNut | Wearable Sex Aid

OhNut set helps you to control the depth of penetration for more comfortable, stimulating pleasure. Wear one, two or more of these buffers & take the lead when it comes to comfort & intimacy.

NOW R 1,759