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About Us Part 3

Our day-to-day office life...

The thing that makes us most excited? When people call in to tell us we’ve made them happy - that we helped them explore, share and connect on a deeper level with their partner.

That’s actually why we’re here. We provide quality products to our customers, so that they can do all the fun stuff. We’re human. (We blush too!) And, just like in any office, we keep our sex lives to ourselves.

Conversations are about bircher muesli, running, cake, cycling, lunch, yoga, smoothies, food, nutrition, Maslow's hierarchy, adventure, races, meditation and yoga. Sometimes when things get animated, a dildo will be waved around for emphasis. (Seriously though, they make for great table decor.)

We have a lot of fun in our team (meet them here!). And we deal with normal business stuff: marketing, advertising, admin, banking, processing, warehousing, customer service, website maintenance and more. Nothing to see here, folks. Except for that bright pink dildo on Martin’s desk!

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