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About Us Part 2

Behind the logo...

We were different to all the other adult shops in South Africa, and we needed to show we were.  

 Our past logo has been called many things: unsexy, childish, basic. Many people have asked why it’s not something sexy or suggestive. Some people have even written in with suggestions and logos of naked female silhouettes. But, we didn't want our logo to imply sex at all.  We felt our flower-logo encapsulated this ethos. 

Simple Beginnings

Things we didn't expect

The beginning bit

We started Matilda's as an after-work project. It was a labour of love from the very beginning. It was tough stuff, back in the day - packing orders before work, after work and all too often, working through the night. Importing stock, basic accounting, dealing with customers. It was indeed a labour of love.

Taking over 6000 photos

We took photos of every. single. product. Back then, manufacturers didn't have product photos. They only had images of the packaging, which was essentially useless. We wanted our customers to choose products in a better way, and so we did it the long way, and took photos of every product. We weren’t photographers, so our first photos needed to be Photoshopped to hell and back before they were acceptable. 

Throwing away products

Sometimes we’d open a product for a photoshoot, but the toxic odour of plastic would overtake us. Awful. Back then, quality was simply terrible. Many of the items that we ordered would need to be destroyed (responsibly) and discarded because we simply couldn’t sell them.

Only some brands (like Fun Factory) used quality material, so we started favouring them. The all-too-common, cheaper products were often made from plastic or “jelly” compounds and smelled like toxic, melting plastic. 

So much advertising!

We were the first adult brand to take full-page adverts in magazines like Cosmo, Men’s Health and Women’s Health. Our first adverts went into magazines in 2010. Here are some of them!


What’s it like running a sex shop?

The Good

We get to change lives. Just the other day we submitted a piece to a publication showcasing the virtues of cock rings. A gentleman read the story, bought a cock ring and called us a few days later to say we had saved his marriage. Apparently he has been battling with erectile dysfunction for years, which impacted terribly on his sex life. The cock ring helped him to maintain an erection and have sex with his wife once again.
Lovely, hey?

The Bad

Sometimes, on rare occasions, we get people calling in to ask us about sex. The un-cool kinda people who ask “What’s your favourite toy” or “Can you send me a picture of you using it?" etc. We don't entertain nonsense like that.

The Ugly

Creating useful descriptions for the millionth cock-ring, or vibrating bullet, etc. That gets tough!