Njoy Pure Wand Probe

by Njoy

If there’s one toy that can transform your sex life, the Njoy Pure Wand is it. The clever curve delivers absolute precision, whether it’s the g-spot or the p-spot you’re aiming for and it’s ideal for potent partner play, too. This wand has two heads – one measures 1 inch and the other 1.5 inches – designed for prostate or g-spot stimulation. The substantial stainless steel gives this toy a weightiness that applies perfect pressure. No fly-by-night toy, this wand is a lifelong investment in pure pleasure.

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The Pure Wand pinpoints the G-spot and then goes in with a kind of rearing-to-go gusto that we can’t get enough of. The curve heads right for those nerve-rich endings that will reward you with an orgasmic standing ovation. The Pure Wand is so precise in fact, that we heartily recommend it for those of you that are interested in gushing, even if you’ve never experienced it before. The smaller end is designed for prostate massage while the larger head is geared towards the G-spot – but you can switch it up to suit your own personal pleasure spec. The total length of the Pure Wand is 8 inches, giving you plenty of room for this kind of exploration. A G-spot genius and a P-spot pro, the Njoy Pure Wand is a weighted toy that triumphs when it comes to delivering consistent repeat results. It looks gorgeous, feels amazing and the chic silver finish makes it a work of art in our books (and in our bedrooms!)

Be sure to clean your NJoy toys with a soft cloth to preserve the gorgeous stainless steel sheen!


Box Content Storage Case Included
Features Sexy Stainless Steel;Beautifully Curved;Elongated Shape for Comfort; Easy Access;Comes In an Elegant Case
Measurements 24.5cm x 3cm
Toy Material Detail Stainless Steel / Aluminium
Toy Powersource No
Manufacturer Njoy
Toy Warranty No
Toy Speed No Vibration
Toy Stimulation Anal, Internal Stimulation
Toy Type For Either
Toy Waterfriendly Waterproof

Customer Reviews (3)

FantasticReview by Phoebe on 7/21/2016
So the Pure Wand is hectic. It means business. You can tell right from when you reveive the box and feel how hefty it is. This toy is weighty and exceptional in its sleekly curved sci-fi aesthetic, its burnished stainless steel and space-ship design. This thing doesn't look like a dildo. It looks like modern art.

The storage box is really lovely; plain black with the njoy logo in silver on the top. You sort of feel like a princess (or whatever royal your gender preference might designate) when you open it. The wand is resting in some deep pink satiny stuff and gleaming like a treasure. Okay, I don't usually keep any of my boxes because most of my toys come with more convenient storage pouches. But this presentation is so magnificent that I love using the original packaging, and it keeps the toy safe. The shining silvery surface makes you a bit nervous about getting any scratches or fingerprints on it. Despite the fact that the wand is pretty much indestructible (it's solid metal. It would survive a house fire or an explosion), it's so shiny and flawless that you just want to keep it perfectly clean.

The design is seamless and smooth and utterly perfect. Even the njoy logo only exists in an opaque finish rather than being embossed, so that no bacteria can be trapped anywhere along the glossy surface. Because it's stainless steel you can pretty much use any type of lube you prefer without damage to the toy. It's cold though, so try warm it up in the hot tap first! I found it more comfortable to hold at the small end, but the large bulb was a little too much for me so I figured out it was better with the small bulb being used internally. The inherent variety of the toy is great because it allows those who enjoy a more sizable penetration to use the larger end, while those who would probably be better suited to focused g-spot / prostate stimulation can use the small end. Or even just adjust to your mood.

Personally I found the direct, laserlike attention of the small bulb better for me, although it means you need to grip the bigger end as a handle -- which is less comfortable to me but it still works. Due to the weight and perhaps the smoothness of the toy, the grip tends to slip a little if you're getting carried away and not concentrating on how you're holding it, but the wand gives really excellent g-spot stimulation due to its targeted heft. Using it with external vibration is intense and overwhelming and a little bit mad, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. This toy is one of my favourites based on appearance as well as its variety in providing mad pleasure. Not so great for to be used by one partner on another, I don't think, because it requires precise wielding, but it's wonderful for solo use. 4 stars because it takes a little time to get used to and figure out what's good, but perhaps I am just a novice.

Plus it would make a great centrepiece for a dinner party. Nobody would know.
Outstanding, best toy we have ever triedReview by Tam on 6/23/2014
WOW WOW WOW, my boyfriend bought us the Njoy Pure Wand Probe for Valentines day last year and I can say without any shadow of a doubt that this is the best toy we have ever used. If you want to orgasm like never before this toy is for you!!!
Beautiful luxury sex toyReview by WG on 1/15/2014
the quality is superb and it is boxed beautifully. i got it as a gift for my partner but we both use it. it's versatile and we both use it for g-spot. the weight of it is what we like. it's really just beautiful in every way. thumbs up

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