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by Pinkcup

The soft, flexible silicone PinkCup is a menstrual cup that collects fluid, preventing dryness and irritation during menstruation. It’s hypoallergenic and free from phthalates, plastics, bleaches or toxins.

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The PinkCup menstrual cup collects three times as much fluid as tampons usually absorb and we love that it helps to prevent dryness, irritation, itching or discomfort during menstruation. These menstrual cups are easily inserted and the soft medical grade silicone makes them an ultra comfortable option for the modern woman. These cups have an easy-to-fold design and once inserted, they pop up easily and stay in place. Instead of absorbing fluids, your PinkCup collects it ensuring 12-hour protection that can be worn overnight. Using this safe silicone alternative to tampons and pads gives you complete confidence and allows you to bypass period hassles like frequent tampon changes. The PinkCup is available in a Small or Large size for a perfect fit and with proper care, this product can last for ten years.

Factors to be considered when choosing your correct menstrual cup size: Menstrual flow, Age & Child bearing history. The small cup is recommended for women under 30 years of age and/or who have not had children, and the large cup is recommended for women over 30 years of age and/or have had children.


Manufacturer Pinkcup
Features Soft Medical Grade Silicone; Available In Small & Large Cups; Reusable; Easy To Clean; Comfortable; Soft & Flexible; User Friendly; Body-Safe; Eco-Logical; The Healthier Alternative to Tampons & Pads; Does Not Effect Internal Ph & Flora Balance; Latex-Free; Hypo-Allergenic; BPA & Phthalate Free; Discrete and Personal; 10 Year Life Span
Box Content Cute Pink Storage Bag
Health Type Feminine Hygiene
Flavour / Scent No

Customer Reviews (2)

Will Never Go Back To Tampons Again!Review by MeowMix on 11/23/2016
I have always used tampons before and never enjoyed using them at all.
The inconvenience of having to change them every so often and also having to worry of where to dispose of them.
Let’s not forget how unhygienic they are! After being introduced to the menstrual cup, I thought I’d give it a try.

As I’ve had a baby already, I decided it best to buy the Large cup. The packaging is standard, although I love the cute
pink storage bag this Pinkcup menstrual cup comes with! :) You need to make sure you have access to both a
private bathroom and clean running water as you will need to rinse the cup before and after use.

As every women is ‘built’ differently, you need to give yourself time to understand your body.
It does take some practice inserting the cup comfortably but once you do, you will find the cup so much more
easier than your regular tampon. Don't worry, there are instructions given on how to insert the cup! :)
You can even YouTube them as well!

You also don’t have to change the cup as often as you would a tampon, which means no more
having to worry where the bathroom is every 4 hours so you can “change”!
You can keep the cup inserted for up to 12 hours! (And no, your cup won't be fill to the brim if you do, this is highly unlikely!)
Because it’s made from latex-free medical grade high quality silicone, it’s 100% body safe and super hygienic! :)

Did I mention that they will save you sooo much money!??
I don’t have to ever buy tampons again! Your cup will last you up to 10 years if cared for correctly!
I loooooove my Pinkcup menstrual cup!
Awesome productReview by Bebo on 7/26/2016
As a user of the a mooncup some years back, I was looking for a cheaper local alternative and decided to try this product.
I was a bit skeptical, as I've had 2 babies in the meantime, and was afraid it would leak especially when the flow is heavy. After one use I can say that I am very pleased with it. It is soft to insert and take out.
I'm also using it during the whole night and it is making a huge difference. I can now sleep without any worries: it will not leak.
No more mess on your underwear. No more period smell.
I am very happy and will never go back to regular pads.

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