Monogamy | Board Game

by Moodzz

The real question here is – how long can you resist your own partner? The Monogamy board game gets you all hot and steamy for the one you love, adding monogamous magic to your coupling. This game is sultry and packed with seduction – and we dare you to try and keep your hands off your hottie.

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This game features three levels of play – ‘Intimate’, ‘Passionate’ or ‘Steamy’. When you roll the dice, you’ll land on a space, taking a card and acting out an amorous action. There are over 400 ideas to get you lusting after your lover, so you can be as daring or downright dirty as you please. The climax of the game allows the winning partner to pick one of 50 fantasies to bring to life, and a ‘Treat Feature’ allows you both to continue the fun long after this sexy board game has been stashed away. Whether you want to touch, tease or take complete advantage of your willing partner, Monogamy makes for a tantric twosome. It’s addictive, inspiring and perfect for putting the spark back into your bedroom.

Make sure you have a few goodies with you for the game! From Wine / Champagne, to chocolate strawberries - these are always a great accessory to any game.


Manufacturer Moodzz
Box Content Dice | Player Board | 50 x Fantasy Cards | 50 x Passionate Cards | 50 x Intimate Cards | 50 x Steamy Cards | 2 x Player Pieces | 12 x Level Pieces | Instructions Booklet
Toy Type Game

Customer Reviews (6)

Great game, low replayabilityReview by David on 2/26/2017
It's a good game for dipping your toes in, but be warned that you'll need booze, food, and music to hand if you want its full potential.

The only real criticism is that it sometimes takes itself too seriously as a boardgame and forgets that the point is really to get you to have sex - so be prepared to change the rules on the fly.

For example, the first time we played, we made an evening out of it, and it was great. Second time, the mechanics annoyed us - twice around the board for each level was just too long. Third time, we just grabbed the red cards and pulled one at random. The box is now gathering dust in a cupboard.

It's a good product in terms of opening dialogues, and maybe that's the whole point of it. After that's been achieved, you probably won't spend much time playing the actual game. Still worth it.
amazingReview by Haiko on 7/19/2016
This is a very hot and sexy game for you and your partner, hours of fun and lots and lots of cards that will require a few playthroughs before all have been used.
Great, but needs warningReview by Waynewantris on 12/3/2014
Great game and lots of fun!!! But be warned you need a lot of extras that you're not warned prior to playing, we were caught out a lot of times running around looking for alchohol, food, stories, stocking, etc. would be nice if there was a list prior to starting the game what you need. Otherwise a brilliant game
Exciting and adventurous couples game Review by MJ on 6/30/2014
A fun and very daring game.
It fills the evening with a passionate mood and enables you and your partner to learn things about each other you may never have known before.
This game gives you that middle ground to do adventurous things but also not feeling to awkward about it.

The first round/phase allows you to talk openly about favourite memories and moments with your partner.
The second round/phase is more sensual and physical. The cards asks you to massage your partner or restrict yourself from doing certain things like kissing your partner etc.
The final phase is much more sexual. So the game escalates very nicely through all the phases

Overall: Great board game with sturdy playing boards and cards. A fantastic way to get to know your partner better in all aspects of the relationship (fantasies etc.). I would rate this as my favourite couples game at the moment!
Brilliant game to add spunk to your love life!Review by Sunshine on 6/23/2014
We are always looking for new ways to add a bit of excitement to our relationship, and I decided to give Monogamy a try after a close friend recommended it. Wow!!! It has 3 levels which is distinguished by 3 different colours of rings that fits onto the playing pieces. Initially I thought the game is not 'advanced / experienced' enough for us (we are rather daring and not afraid to experiment with new things). Much to my surprise, my partner and I both blushed a number of times as the game progressed, and we even learnt new things about each other's pasts & preferences in the process. It didn't end when the game was over, as we had to keep a card for another unexpected experience later that week. I can't believe how much this game has changed our lives - it added some much needed sustainable excitement to our daily lives.
Note: it takes a few hours to finish the game. Send the kids to grandma's for a sleep over, get some snacks and drinks and indulge in some us-time. Your guy / lady will LOVE it!
What a date!! With my wife...Review by Remaxi on 6/23/2014
Awesome product to get some excitement in the room... It forces one a bit out of our comfort zones but that is what makes it so exciting.

Highly recommended game for any couple looking for something new, something different...

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