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December 02, 2018

Travel-friendly sex toys! Holiday sex ideas! Sexy gifts!   

‘Tis the Season to be sexy! Whoo hoo – holiday season is here, which means time off work, end-of-year parties, lots of delicious, festive food and lots of delicious, festive sex. Yep, birth rates often peak in September, and a study suggests that Christmas sex could be the reason why. When we’re on holiday, we’re more relaxed, happier and calmer, which makes us more in the mood for sex. So, to get you in the mood for some frisky, festive sex, we thought we’d answer three of your most burning Holiday Sex Questions! Let’s go!

We’re going away on holiday! Whoo hoo! I want to take a toy with me – what type should I consider?

First, there are a few things you should know before you pack your Magnum Stub Dildo into your carry on luggage and hope like hell you’re not stopped by security. The main thing you should know: pack a travel-friendly toy that is not too obviously a toy. Here’s some more clever advice:

  1. USB rechargeable toys are your friends, in more ways than one. This is especially true when you travel overseas. A USB rechargeable toy can charge from your laptop or tablet, saving you carrying extra mains cords and adaptor plugs, or having to find batteries.
  2. How quiet is it? If you are going to be staying with friends, or in a hotel with paper-thin walls, you’ll want to make sure your bedtime buddy doesn’t buzz too loudly. That would make for an awkward morning-after breakfast. Try something like the Daisy Clitoral Stimulator, the Delicious Tingles Clitoral Vibe, or the Release Together Love Ring.
  3. Thanks to great design, most of today’s quality toys are shaped discreetly and don’t shout ‘I AM A GIANT DILDO!’ when viewed through an airport scanner (Except the Magnum Stub. Sorry, can’t get away with that one). For extra discretion look for a lipstick-shaped clitoral vibe, a mascara-shaped clitoral vibe, or the Fleshlight Vantage, which looks nothing like a sex toy!
  4. We love versatility. The PalmPower will massage aching calves after a long day of sightseeing AND provide powerful orgasms. It’s compact, lightweight and multipurpose. What’s not to love?
  5. An extra tip: don't forget the lube! You can get wonderful lubes in handy 30ml, 50ml, or 100ml-containers perfect for travel.

I want to surprise my partner with a sexy gift! What can you recommend?

Yay for sexy gifts! A sexy toy really is the gift that keeps on giving! Here are a few ideas to consider for your significant other.

Sex Toys for Couples:

  1. Cock rings are a good choice: they keep him hard for longer and provide direct stimulation to her clitoris. We love the George Vibrating Cock Ring, the LoveLife Share Ring and the Mio Vibrating Cock Ring.
  2. Couples’ vibrators are wonderful in that they deliver stimulation to both of you. We’d recommend the Doppio 2.0, the Lelo Tiani 3, the We-Vibe Sync and the Noa Couple’s Massager.

Sex Toys For Her:

Ooooh, here the options are endless! Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. Want to try some bondage? Getting her a bondage kit is a pretty clear way to communicate this desire. It’s super Christian Grey. She’ll love it!
  2. A Womanizer VibratorWanderlust Rabbit or Layaspot will provide her with delicious sensation and she can use it alone or while you watch. She’ll love the fact that you’re encouraging her sexuality with a toy designed purely for her pleasure!
  3. If toys seem a bit scary and you’re not sure what she’d like, start small with some edible body paint or a massage candle. It’s sexy and subtle and sets the mood!
  4. For fun and super flirtatious, give her this Vibrating Panty Set and an invite card for a dinner out, including some instructions for attire (wear the panty set). You’re in control of the remote, so a fun and naughty night out for her is guaranteed.
  5. Of course, lingerie is always a win. Just make sure you know what she likes and her size!

Sex Toys For Him:

Surprise your man with something a little more romantic than a soap-on-a-rope or pair of slippers. He’ll be amazed and think you’re the best thing since sliced bread!

  1. The Cobra 2 Masturbator is a gift he can use alone, or one that you can use on him. It’s got two motors that provide direct sensation to the head of the penis. It’s a great gift for the man in your life!
  2. P-spot stimulation is all the rage! Directly stimulating the prostate gland can result in some intense and delicious orgasms for men. Open his mind to new possibilities with the incredible Loki Prostate Massager. It’ll be a whole new world for both of you.
  3. If actual toys are too much of a stretch for you, getting him something as simple as a good quality lubricant can do the trick and make your intentions clear. Use it as a stocking filler for something a little surprising. We love Pjur Original.
  4. Keen to experiment with something completely new? What about a vibrating and ridged penis sleeve? This sleeve fits over his penis and provides delicious vibration to you both, while showing him that you’re keen to be a bit more adventurous in your sex life.
  5. A pleasure kit is also a great way to add excitement to your sex life – especially when you present one to him as a gift. It shows intent, initiative and care. This one has a blindfold, ankle and wrist cuffs and even a harness! Fun times await!


I want to mix things up this holiday season with new sex ideas! Got any you can recommend?

As a matter of fact, we do! Here are three delicious and unusual ways to get sexy with your partner this holiday season!

  • Wild Sex

Imagine organising a two-night camping trip to somewhere beautiful, somewhere with a waterfall and crystal-clear pools of water? Imagine stripping off, diving into this water and enjoying sex in this magnificent setting (and potentially underneath a waterfall)? Just make sure it’s not a super touristy spot.

Kids and work can get in the way of good (well, any) sex, right? These holidays book yourself and your partner into a motel (with room service), get a babysitter for the kids, order champagne and desserts and spend the night having “illicit” sex. It’s hot, romantic and pretty damn creative, we think!

  • Quickie Sex

No, we don’t mean in your house. Do something holiday-ish… hire some bicycles and cycle somewhere quiet. Stop on the side of a road, preferably on a bridge so you have something to sit on, and engage in sex. The quicker here the better – you don’t want to get caught. It’s naughty and adventurous and you’ll remember it forever!

At Matilda’s we’re all about the F-word. Fun. Holidays are fun, sex is fun and hopefully your partner is fun. So be fun! Enjoy the moment. Try new things. Use your holiday time as quality time and make up for all those times in the year when you couldn’t have sex. Browse our sex toyslubes and erotic games for fun gift ideas and open your mind to new, exciting possibilities!

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