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May 31, 2017

Celebrate Masturbation Month with the Oh-So-Satisfying Womanizer Pro40

A Product Review!

What better time is there to swoon over my new favourite toy than in Masturbation Month? I hope you’ve started the month off with the best orgasms you’ve ever given yourself. Horrible name, but my new favourite toy. The WomanizerPro40 has made masturbating all the more toe-curling for me. I’m all about self-pleasure; I do it as often as I can and maintain that a day that starts with pleasure can only attract more of it. I received the Womanizer Pro40 courtesy of Matilda’s and was asked to give an honest review, so here goes.

What the Womanizer Pro40 is All About

Packaging & Appearance

The packaging of the Womanizer Pro40 is so clean and sleek. I’m in love with how discreet it looks and although it’s pink as hell – because how else will we know it’s for people who have vaginas if it isn’t pink?? – I quite like it. The design of the actual toy is also pink – sigh, bear with me, I’ll get to the good stuff – which annoyed me but the colour doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of it. It comes with an instruction manual, a USB charging cable, wall adapter and I was pleasantly surprised to see two differently sized silicone heads.

Perfect for Clitoral Bliss

The options available
Choose between chic white or sexy magenta!


Now, for the juicy – and I do mean juicy – bits. Playing with this little toy has been so much fun for me. I’ve played with all sorts of toys in the past couple of years, my favourite clit-specific one was a little pocket sized vibrator that my partner loved using on me, but no toy has come close to the pleasure the Womanizer has given me.

The fact that it’s made just for the clit is a godsend for a person like me, who very rarely orgasms from penetration. I need that clit action. I need it sucked, and massaged, played with and given all the attention. Oral sex is my favourite sexual act because it’s the only time I can almost always guarantee a giant SPLOOSH.

Tips that Fit Your Clit

The two silicone heads that this toy comes with allow you to pick one depending on the size of your clitoris. I’ve felt perfectly comfortable just using the head that came with the product.

Two scintillating tips!
The Womanizer Pro-40 comes with two scintillating tips to chose from!


I’ve never used other oral stimulation toys so I have no idea if the silicone cup is a standard thing or an anomaly but I am such a fan of it. It takes a bit of uncomfortable looking down to position the head onto your clit but once it’s on, it feels snug and comfy.

While the very tip of your clit feels the most sensation, the silicone that cradles – yes cradles, it is a whole experience – the rest of your clit and the surrounding areas feel every vibration/ suction/ glorious feeling that comes from this toy. As soon as I got started, I honestly didn’t know how I’d stop. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that the first day I got it, I probably masturbated for about 4 hours, used up the remainder of my water-based lube and had the best after fap naps. Bless working from home.

Multiple Levels of Very Satisfying Sensations

I loved that the suction of the toy has so many different levels- 8 in total. I’ve found that when I begin masturbating I can go up quite high with the levels, feel lightheaded after the intensity of each orgasm and keep going.

The second or third rounds, I usually don’t go as high with the power because of clit sensitivity, but it doesn’t feel any less amazing. There are so many levels to it that I actually doubt I’ve gone up to the 7th setting of the Womanizer. It really feels like I’ll never need to because they’ve really catered to people who have varying clit sensitivities. I consider myself to have quite the stubborn clit but using the Womanizer can have me orgasming a minute in depending how intense a level I go up to.

It’s also very handy to be able to press the power button to come back down to the lowest speed. This doesn’t completely switch the toy off but goes to a very low speed if you’d like to keep going or perhaps went to a level too high for your liking. The orgasms with this thing are endless.

The Womanizer is Wonderfully Waterproof

Another favourite feature? It is completely waterproof! I will admit it took me weeks to actually test this but I’ve used it in the bath plenty of times and haven’t had any issues. If you don’t yet know the joy of masturbating with candles and incense lit in your bathroom, while you sit in a bath filled with aromatherapy oils, donning a face mask with a cup of tea beside you, you haven’t enjoyed masturbating to its 9000th level. 


It's super quiet!
A purr-fectly quiet toy...


Now, we know that with toys that vibrate, the sound that comes from it can go overboard unless you’re willing to fork out even more cash. One of my greatest appreciations of the Womanizer is that it is completely worth the cost because it not only does everything you need an oral stimulation toy to do but it also never gets to ridiculously loud levels. When you switch it on, it purrs quite quietly, the joy came from realising that while it may get a little louder as you intensify the suction power it goes quieter as you position it onto your clit. A yay from me.

Quick, Easy & Re-Chargeable

As I’ve noted, this baby comes with a charging cable but even as often as I’ve used it I’ve only charged it once. Not even because I needed to but just because I was shocked that it had lasted so long so I chose to.

It’s also so easy to take care of – a quick and easy to wipe down the body and the silicone head is simple to remove for other sorts of cleaning. I wipe the full toy down after each use and give it a thorough clean weekly by removing the head and just dipping the tip in some boiled water and switch it on for a couple of minutes. I also just put the silicone head in some boiled water for about 10 minutes because I don’t have a sex toy cleaner.

Heavenly Stimulation

I really don’t have much criticism for this toy other than a very slight discomfort on the higher levels but that may just be a preference issue. Small, not too loud, waterproof and power adjustable, I’m very happy this was my first oral stimulating toy.

Fun note: the Womanizer Pro40 is also a joy on nipples. And with that, I’m off to play again. Can you say pussy heaven?

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