We-Vibe Sync Review - Good Things Come in Small Packages

We-Vibe Sync Review – Good Things Come in Small Packages

I was both intrigued and slightly perturbed at its tiny size. Especially when I considered the big claims and the huge range of features that the manufacturer lists.
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“Good things come in small packages”. That was what the short girl in my class at school used to say. I’m not sure if that was correct or she was merely trying to find something positive in her diminutive stature, but her words came back to me when I unpacked the We-Vibe Sync, as I was both intrigued and slightly perturbed at its tiny size. Especially when I considered the big claims and the huge range of features that the manufacturer lists.

It’s a strange-shaped thing: nearly impossible to describe, but I’ll try anyway. Imagine two slightly flattened tadpole-shaped things, one slightly larger than the other, joined by a hinge at their tails. Actually, that’s terrible: probably better that you just look at the photos.

The idea is that the hinge means that the toy can fit comfortably with the small arm inside the vagina and the larger arm positioned against the clitoris. You can bend it just enough to suit your individual body shape, and this allows for dual, simultaneous stimulation of both the G-spot and the clitoris. With a little bit of water-based lube, it was easy to insert and (I was reliably informed) comfortable to wear.

The toy can be switched on and controlled using the button on the outside of the larger arm. You can cycle through speeds and various patterns to suit your needs. However, it’s definitely easier to use the rather nifty remote control that comes with it, even when playing solo. Note that the remote is rather small, so a quick Top Tip here: remember to keep your eye on it, because searching for a little, white disc thing under your pillows and sheets and... er... your wife... can be a bit of a passion killer.

So the remote is an option for solo play, but it’s an essential for couples play. Already busy with the G-spot and the clitoris, the We-Vibe Sync comes into its own when used during penetrative sex. Yes, the idea is that you leave the toy positioned just as it is and then engage in intercourse as your normally would – the upshot of this being that not only will it continue to doubly stimulate the female partner, but additionally give the male partner a bit of a buzz while he is busy as well. Sounds too good to be true?

Well no, this all happens, just as they promise.

It all makes perfect sense on the diagram – and before we go any further, let me assure you again that it does work, but you should note that it will take a little bit of effort (the first time at least) to make it happen.

The first issue is space. If your man happens to be of above average size (#blessed), it’s going to be a tight fit. Maybe it was already a tight fit, and now you’ve added a toy (albeit a small one) as well. Yes, the hinged arm is the thinnest, smallest part of the toy, and that’s the bit that sits at the entrance to the vagina, but it can still be a little tight. Lube helps.

Secondly, when things get a bit more energetic during intercourse, the toy (understandably) can be dislodged somewhat. This can be a bit uncomfortable for both parties. Fortunately, we endured this discomfort so you don’t have to. All it needs is a better fit in the first place. A bit of experimentation before penetration and you’ll find the best shape for your body. There is a natural angle which will fit better than any other, and when you find it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. That best fit means that there’s also less chance of the toy being moved during intercourse – and that means more fun for everyone involved.

I should probably mention one further minor issue, namely that if you try penetration from behind, the vibrating arm inside the vagina rests pretty much exactly on that spot on the penis and... well... the fun isn’t going to last very long. Awkward.

Let’s move on.

This is an unusual toy; simple but complicated too. So it stands to reason that you’re going to have to experiment a little to make it work best for you. Have patience. It’s worth it. This isn’t some Verimark rubbish.

But wait. There’s more.

There’s an app. And so your smartphone (connected via Bluetooth to the toy) can also be used to control the vibrations. But (and this is amazing), connect your smartphone to your lover’s smartphone and they can also control the vibrations – no matter where you are or they are. The Bluetooth range isn’t huge, but keep your phone nearby (a direct line of sight helps) and it works just fine.

Missing your man because he’s gone to Parys on business? No problem. Simply slip the toy in, lie back and allow him to take you to Paradys and back.

And there’s even the option of being daring and wearing the toy under your normal day to day clothing and trying to concentrate on your spreadsheets at work while your other half presses your buttons by pressing the buttons on his phone screen.

The other stuff: The We-Vibe Sync comes with a handy charging stand, which also doubles as a storage box for the device and the remote control. At a glance, you’d certainly never guess that there was a versatile couples sex toy in the curvy pod. It looks far more like an air freshener or wifi router than an odd-shaped, orgasm-inducing vibrator charger. Disappointingly though, it doesn’t freshener the air or provide wifi.

The charging cable is the same USB one you use for your Android phone, which is handy. It charges quickly and the battery seems to last forever: we tried our best to use it up, but it wore us out first.

The vibrations are strong – perhaps not as strong as they could be on the internal arm if we’re being super picky – but certainly enough to do just what they say they will. Additionally, it’s surprisingly quiet, which is useful for that spreadsheet-distraction option I mentioned earlier.

All in all, the We-Vibe Sync is a great little toy. It packs a decent punch despite its size and the many alternatives ways to use it are a real bonus. As a couple, do take the time to experiment to get the best out of it – let’s face it, it’s not exactly a hardship to have to play around with these things – and I’m sure that you’ll really enjoy the extra buzz that it brings to your sex life. If the Sync isn't your vibe, We-Vibe offers lots of other exciting couple-friendly toys so don't be shy in spicing things up!