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February 14, 2018

Spoil your loved one without breaking the bank!

We all want to spoil our partner on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Here are some great budget Valentine’s Day ideas that will keep the passion alive on this day of romance.

Grand gestures

They don’t have to be quite so grand. There must be something that your partner really hates doing or has been begging you to do for ages, so whether it’s doing the laundry for them or renewing your driver’s license – it will count as a motion of devotion.

Likewise, it’s perfectly acceptable to set-up your own romantic scene at home. Ship the kiddies off to granny and gramps for the evening and put your decorating skills to the test. All you need is a nicely starched tablecloth, candles and a well placed rose on the table.

Plus, you have the added advantage of being able to wear very little at your private party that probably wouldn’t be as well received at your regular restaurant. We’ve put together a very special menu that you can make your partner at home – it’s delicious, simple and won’t cost nearly as much as a dinner out. Check out the menu and recipes here.

Eat for less

Restaurants cash in during Valentine’s Day, so here are some low-cost options:

Breakfast in bed – who doesn’t love BIB? Especially when it’s a surprise!

Recreate your favourite restaurant meal – even better cook the meal together. That really gives you time to reconnect.

Go on a picnic – pack up a package of delightful goodies and pick out a picturesque spot that embodies outdoorsy romanticism.

Culinary erotica – food can be such a great and fun way to enjoy some delicious foreplay. From eating sushi off your your significant other’s luscious legs to the tantalising merits of honey and chocolate, there is so much to do with food – especially on V-Day.

Stay in and snuggle

And when we say snuggle, this is Matilda code for great sex! Of course, you need to lead up to the main event. So, play some games– we suggest swapping out Monopoly for Monogamyor create your own strip version of any game. Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day try something new to make the day more memorable. Always fancied a bit of role-playing? Then this is the perfect time to have your girlfriend morph into a sexy traffic cop who wants you to pay an exorbitant speeding fine or face some pretty serious ‘penalties.’

Try taking a sensual bubble-bath together or give each other a mind-blowing massage. Set the mood with aromatherapy candles, dimmed lighting and romantic background music. Complete the scene with a glass of champagne and some (reasonably priced) chocolates or strawberries.

Experiment with less expensive toys

You don’t need to drop thousands of rands on sex toys for Valentine’s Day. Toys like the We-Vibe, Doppioand other couple’s vibrators are great to own and play with, so we’d definitely suggest saving up to get yourself one of these beauties.

But if you want something less expensive for now, we’d suggest investing in a great lube (try the heating and cooling lubes) which will add a whole new dimension to your lovemaking.

Massage candles are a wonderful way to add atmosphere and a touch of kink to the evening. Light the candles and then drip the hot wax over your lover’s body.

Or try some sexy nipple pasties for a cheaper version of lingerie. Crotchless panties are also a great way to up the sex appeal without breaking the bank.

Have fun! Remember Valentine’s Day is what you make of it, so even if you’re not swimming in cash you can still enjoy an amazingly sexy and romantic day!

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