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February 14, 2018

What to get your Significant Other this February

Sexy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

So you’ve decided to buy yourself or your loved one something sexy for Valentine’s Day. Yay and well done! This is a good choice – way better than flowers (they die) or chocolates (cliched, fattening and bad for your teeth).

Rather get something long lasting, pleasure inducing and calorie burning. Sex toys for the win! Here are some great ideas for you:


Lingerieis an obvious favourite and will always be an investment in your sex life, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or not. Men are hugely turned on by a woman in her undies and although they would probably prefer to see their partners naked – lingerie is a great way to build up anticipation.

Plus, it makes a woman feel gorgeous! And sexy and powerful. Which is great for creative and fun sex. If you’re buying for her then sneak a peek at her underwear draw for sizes and compare them to our online guide.

If you’re buying for him we have a wide range of racy numbers to get his engines revved up: what’s naughtier than a vintage styled French Maiduniform? Looking for cute and provocative? Then we suggest the feline-inspired Laila leopard babydoll or the classic black corset for old Hollywood glamour.

Sex toys for couples

We love our sex toys for couples! We have a whole range of products that will add maximum excitement to your sex life. Cock rings are a great way to ensure that he gets a harder, long-lasting erection, while vibrating rings, like the Mio Cock Ring, provides the clitoris with some delicious throbbing sensations.

If it’s a vibrator that rocks your boat, try out one of our couples’ vibrators like the We Vibe Sync or the Lelo Noa Massager. These vibrators can be used during sex, which means chances of dual orgasms are increased ten-fold.

Many women struggle to orgasm from internal penetration alone, so these toys are a great way to up her chances of climaxing, while providing buzzing, vibrating stimulation to him too. Delicious!


Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit from

We highly recommend trying out something new on Valentine’s Day. Bondage can be whatever you want it to be: start with a blindfold and a feather tickler, and see how a build-up of anticipation can add to the sexiness.

If that sounds too tame, move on to handcuffs. Restraining your partner or being restrained is hugely erotic and adds a level of openness and vulnerability that takes your sex life to new heights. For a complete bondage set, have a look at the Bad Kitty Kit. If you are super duper adventurous, up the ante with some harness strap-ons like the Zoro Strap-on. Pegging can be rather fun!

If either of you are into a bit of anal action (and why wouldn’t you be – it does have multiple nerve endings for delicious extra pleasure), check out our collection of anal toys here! Fun fun!

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