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February 14, 2018

How to “Do” Valentine’s Day long-distance

There is no doubt that long distance relationships can be difficult. If you’re in one, you may feel frustrated at the lack of intimacy, and sometimes even feel insecure and jealous. Sucky, but pretty normal.

And then there is Valentine’s Day. Gah. How do you celebrate this day of love and romance when your partner is on the other side of the world? We have some tips that may help:

What to do when they’re so far from you? The beauty of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is that it can practically bring a person into your bedroom. So if you’re fortunate enough to have (private) access to Skype with a webcam, we suggest creating an intimate scene for just the two of you and inviting your partner to the date. How cute is that?

Check out these ideas:

  1. Pimp up your bedroom or bathtub with rose petals and aromatherapy candlesor set the dining room table with the good silverware. Your loved one is sure to appreciate your efforts – even if they aren’t there in person!
  2. Eat a meal together – order in your favourite type of cuisine. Even better, cook the meal together. Decide on a recipeand and whip up a storm in the kitchen, while they do the same on their side.
  3. Watch a movie together – it can be a cheesy rom com chick-flick like When Harry Met Sally or something classically romantic like Casablanca. Equally romantic, but with an added naughty appeal, is something a little racier like Fifty Shades of Grey.
  4. Don’t just talk dirty (that’s everyday kind of kinky), rather read them erotic fiction. It’s delightfully erotic – so much so that we’d suggest this for all couples, long distance or not. Titles we love: The Sex Diaries Project or Anaïs Nin’s classic Delta of Venus.
  5. If your man adores a well-choreographed strip tease then we think that this might be the perfect time to debut that sexy lingerie. Your partner may not be there in person, but they are sure to get a delicious kick out of watching you strip out of your gorgeous lingerie.
  6. Turn up the heat with some mutual masturbation. Orgasms guaranteed! Toys could be a great way to introduce some play time – check out our sex toys for her and for him.
  7. Paint her like a French girl. Remember that scene from Titanic where Jack paints Rose in the nude? It was so hot! Set-up the easel and ask your girl to strike a provocative pose. Obviously, it’s not about the finished product – but it’s a superb bonding experience that will increase the trust between the two of you. And greater trust equals better sex!
So plan something special this Valentine’s Day. Send a calendar invite to your partner to build up anticipation and start playing!

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