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February 03, 2019

Show your love and grow your bond

Valentine’s Day: a day of red roses, chocolates, teddy bears–and sex toys. That’s right folks, we reckon Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express and celebrate your love (for yourself or your partner) physically. And what better time to experiment than on the day officially recognising romance? Here are the top 10 toys to try this Valentine’s Day to mix things up and create a closer bond with your partner. (Yes, sex toys are not just good for sex; they’re good for your relationship too!)

Get Frisky this Valentine’s Day with these Top Toys!

Doppio 2.0 Dual Vibrator

Ergonomically designed for the perfect fit!

The Doppio 2.0 Vibrator is an ergonomically designed toy that can be used in multiple ways during foreplay and penetration. The flexible arms fit around the penis and stimulate the entire vulva and clitoris, with an added buzz on the scrotum. With three motors and ten modes, this toy is bound to bring you both to delicious orgasm in no time at all. Plus, it’s remote controlled! Fun 2.0!


Vibrating Panty Set

Light-hearted, super fun and oh so sexy.

You wouldn’t believe how popular this Vibrating Panty set is! It’s light-hearted but seriously sexy at the same time. This remote-controlled toy has 10 settings, with a remote that works up to 10m away. Picture all the fun you can have with this at your Valentine’s Day dinner date! Love it!


New Wave Double Dildo

Designed for lesbian couples and great for heterosexual couples too!

A toy designed to bring maximum pleasure to lesbians! The New Wave Double Dildo is a flexible double dong that enhances foreplay for two people sitting across from each other. It works extremely well for heterosexual couples too as it can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation. We can’t recommend this toy enough!


We-Vibe Sync

The world’s number one sex toy, now adjustable!

This is the world’s number one couple’s vibrator, but now with adjustable design. Yep the We-Vibe Sync fits more comfortably and stays in place even as you switch positions. Two adjustable points target the G-spot and the clitoris, allowing you to adjust pressure according to what you like most. Connect the toy to the We-Connect app and customise more vibration settings. Yep, this is a best-seller for many good reasons!


Remote Control Vibrating Egg

For delicious and powerful vibrations.

TheRemote Control Vibrating Egg is one of the best-reviewed products on our site. Why? We reckon it’s the 10 pulse options, the 100% waterproof functionality and the 5m range of remote-controlled operation. Plus, it’s super cute. This is a great entry-level toy for couples looking for an extra bit of spice.


Picobong Transformer Multi-Vibe

This toy can pretty much do it all.

Let us list the ways we love the Picobong Transformer Multi-Vibe. It can be used as a rabbit vibrator, a clitoral massager, a G-spot stimulator and even a cock ring. For reals. With 10 vibration patterns and multiple speeds, this unisex and versatile toy will guarantee fun, orgasms and new ways to play. And we think that is pretty damn awesome.


Tango Pleasure Mate Collection

Because sometimes you just can’t decide.

The Tango Pleasure Mate Collection is a, erm, collection of sensational products designed to meet your every need. It consists of three of We-Vibe’s most popular products: the Tango and We-Glow for G-spot stimulation and the Dusk for those wanting to try anal play (and who doesn’t want to try that?). Combine them for extra pleasure, or choose a different toy each night! We reckon your partner will love this!


Romantic Couples Kit

For a gentle foray into the world of bondage!

Ah, we think this is the perfect way to harness (haha) your inner Christian Grey or Anastasia. Featuring a blindfold, a mini feather tickler, a vibrator and adjustable cock ring, the Romantic Couples Kit will set your bedroom alight. This really could be the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift ever.


Feel it Baby Vibrating Cock Ring

A great toy that stimulates both him and her.

This is a great entry level toy for those looking to broaden their sexual horizons. The Feel It Baby Vibrating Cock Ring is part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection, which means it’s super high quality. Slip it on for stimulation to the shaft and balls, while you provide vibration direct to her sweet spot. Sounds good, right?


Openhearted Do You Dare Game

Get to know your partner better!

Perhaps you’re in a new relationship and you don’t want to introduce the sex toys just as yet. Maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and want to introduce the idea of toys as a viable sex prop. This could be the best way to get into it. Do You Dare is a set of erotic cards with 150 questions about love and sex. It’s bound to set the mood and add serious sexual excitement!


See, there are lots of options available to you this Valentine’s Day. We encourage you to explore new things and of course have fun. Our range of lingerie and sex toys can help you do just that! Visit for everything you need and more! PS – don’t forget to add the lubricant. It’ll take your play to a whole new level!

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