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May 14, 2014

Brides want to look at their absolute best on their special day, and that sometimes means a little help is needed to fill out The Dress to perfection.

Thanks to Body Wrap, your bridal booty will look amazing throughout the ceremony and beyond. Plus, you'll look just as gorgeous when the dress comes off.

No 'granny panties' here - the Body Wrap collection is just as sensual and elegant as it is effective. The romantic Body Wrap Bridal collection offers sensual slimming shapewear designed to be worn under any style of wedding gown.

Sexy strapless bra slips, high waisted tummy trimming panties and even slenderising body suits make up this delicate shapewear collection. Feminine lace detailing adds a soft and pretty accent to this super slimming shapewear to ensure you look and feel spectacular on your wedding day.

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