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January 13, 2019

Start the New Year with a bang!

The benefits of sex are well documented. Orgasms are great for your physical and mental well-being and in relationships they play a significant role in couple bonding. As the start of another new year begins (wow, time flies), make it your goal to focus on your sexual fulfilment with these great new sex toys for men. Use them with your significant other to make play time even more fun, or use them for exciting solo play. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, orgasms are required and guaranteed!

5 New Men’s Sex Toys for a fun-filled New Year

So without further ado, here are the five male sex toys we think you should try this new year. Based on their extremely successful predecessors, these latest-version toys combine all the features you loved about your old favourites, with exciting new enhancements that’ll make sex even more delicious!


Tenga Flip Zero

A bit about it:

Tenga has been in the biz for over a decade and is continually striving to produce the very best in male sex toys. And after ten years of advancements in technology, they’ve come up with this: the Flip Zero.

What makes it special?

Well, as the name suggests, the Flip Zero can flip open, allowing for easy lubrication and easy cleaning. This product is also made from Tenga’s premium material, which used to be available only in Japan. The intricate internal detail provides amazing sensations, while the Layered End Orb encases the head of your penis, massaging it with every delicious thrust. Once you’re inside, squeeze the pressure pads which will force out air, resulting in a “tighter” fit and suction sensation. We’ve got to admit, this is a pretty nifty and clever toy! Check out this video for more info on its awesomeness.  


The Tenga Flip Zero
Tenga has played out its boots with this new toy!


Fleshlight Vortex & Vstroker Combo

A Bit About It

The Fleshlight Vortex & VStroker Combo is a virtual system that allows you to be the star of your most favourite porn film. Basically, it combines masturbation with virtual reality. Download virtual content to your computer and you’ll be inserted into the action from a 1st person point of view. You get to control the action on screen, while you use the Fleshlight to provide the sensations.

What Makes it Special

The Combo monitors your thrusts, and after several penetrations will “learn” your sex style. Each thrust is wirelessly transmitted to your PC where it enables the content you have downloaded. So you feel truly part of the action – like you’re having sex with your favourite Fleshlight lady.


Fleshlight Vortex & VStroker Combo
For a truly interactive and immersive masturbation experience

Malesation Double Joy Masturbator

A Bit About It

Why settle for one when you can have two? Yep, when Malesation say “double joy”, that’s exactly what they mean. The one side of this masturbator is shaped after a vagina and the other after an anus.

What Makes it Special

For men who want to experiment with a masturbator without dropping big bucks, we think this is the perfect choice. Affordable and with two functions, the Double Joy will provide you with hours of entertainment. The ultra-soft TPE material feels super realistic and the stimulating grooves and ridges along the inside will bring you to orgasm every time.  


The Double Joy Masturbator
One toy. Double the pleasure


Fleshjack Boys

A Bit About It

Fleshlight certainly know how to please their customers. Besides the range of current Fleshlights on offer, they’ve now also released the Fleshjack sleeves, which give you access to your favourite male porn stars.

What Makes it Special

Love to spend some intimate time with Brent Corrigan? How about Brent Everett? Well, thanks to these two new products, now you can! The Fleshlights are modelled on both men in authentic detail. With a lifelike butt entry and thrilling ribbed chamber, these new products will change the way you masturbate!

Fleshjack Boys | Brent Corrigan
Encounters with your favourite porn star

Rocks-Off Big Boy

A Bit About It

By now, you should know all about the joy of stimulating the prostate gland. It’s basically the male version of the female G-spot, which means that direct stimulation results in truly spectacular orgasms. This Big-Boy large vibrating prostate massager is designed to provide maximum pleasure.

What Makes it Special

Three large anal beads and seven vibration settings will give you the fullest, firmest fit yet. With ergonomically designed curves, the Big-Boy will leave you gasping with pleasure. Sit on it and rock, for hands-free pleasure while you touch yourself or your partner. This toy is the real prostate deal.


Rocks-Off Big Boy
For the ultimate in prostate pleasure


The fun thing about Matilda’s that there are always new toys and products on the market. We only feature the best of the best: stocking only high-quality, body-safe adult products. Our aim is to keep your sex life super-sexy, so we are serious about constantly updating our collections with the latest products.Take your pick from Matilda's 5 New Sex Toys for Men, and enjoy amazing solo or partnered sex from here on out!

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