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December 14, 2014

The Most Popular Sex Toys of 2014

The most beloved items - as voted by you!

We have so much awesome love stuff, it's challenging to choose just 10 top sex toys! However, our customers have spoken and we've found these to be our most beloved items of 2014. First up is the stuff that seems to be the staple of many of our love-lives. Here's the first of the 10 finest:

Aquaglide Waterbased Lubricant


This is a must have for every bedside drawer. Whether you're looking a great lube for solo play or steamy sex with your partner, Aquaglide is hands down one of the best lubes we carry.

GoGirl Enhancing Gel

It's amazing stuff.

It's amazing stuff. You should really give it a whirl! We dig this clitoral gel. It's been around forever and all the ladies love it for its tingly sensations and orgasm enhancing properties. Try it if you haven't yet. It's a best-seller for reason...

Fifi Rabbit Vibrator


You may have seen her around - this dual stimulation vibe has been a favourite for ages. From it's luxuriously soft silicone texture to it's toe-curling vibrations, this toy is sure to satisfy!

Inner Goddess Balls


Take a page out of Ana's book and experience the intense sensations these love balls offer. They'll strengthen your Kegel muscles with their weighty undulations, making orgasms more pleasurable and foreplay most titillating.

Kissing Swan Rabbit Vibrator

Kissing Swan Rabbit Vibrator


This dual stimulation vibrator will provide the most delicate kisses to your pink bits while simultaneously delivering robust waves of vibrations to your G-spot.

Ami Kegel Exercise Balls

Ami Kegel Exercise Balls


We can't even begin to tell you how much we love these love balls. This set of 3 means you can gradually increase your strength all whilst experiencing the naughty pleasure of wearing them anytime, anywhere. Purrr!

The Layaspot Clitoral Vibrator

Don't be fooled by the size of this little gem. The Layaspot promises intense clitoral stimulation with its high frequency vibrations and ergonomic shape. This toy will pack discreetly in your luggage for your next romantic getaway or some relaxing solo time. Fun-Factory-Layaspot-Clitoral-Vibrator

Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Remote Control vibrating egg


Take playtime to a whole new level by surrendering all control to your partner. Give them the remote and let them push all the right buttons for a memorable night out.

Mio Cock Ring - by Je Joue

je-joue-male-ring-vibrating-cock-ring This luxury toy is adored by guys and girls alike. Designed to fit snugly around the base of his manhood, positioned to make direct contact with her clitoris - giving both partners orgasmic sensations during sex... This couples' love ring provides delicious clitoral vibrations while using the tension of the ring to help him last longer. (Heaven for both)

Becca  Sequin Nipple Pasties

Becca Sequin Nipple Pasties
Add some pizzazz to your game of seduction. Brazen yet beautiful, the ladies love wearing these for their sex appeal while the guys enjoy indulging their naughty burlesque fantasies.   
 These were the top sellers in their various categories. If there's a product you love that wasn't on this list, but deserves a special mention, please  mention it below. The world thanks you.

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