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Learn how to strip for your man

  • 5 min read

Sexy. Seductive. Stunning… Let’s Learn How To Strip

So you’ve always wanted to walk on the wilder side of the bedroom but you’re thinking - what do I wear, what do I do, or - the most common - what if he hates it? Give yourself a break, release your inner seductress and give the striptease a try! It will leave you feeling powerful, in control, and trust us when we say, you will have him begging for more. Looking to spice it up? We have a selection of lingerie ranges that will take you from coy to kinky in seconds. You’ll find leather, lace, silk and satin for the ultimate after-dark indulgence.

Slip into something sexy

Anais Lingerie Imagine Panties

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The first thing you'll need is the perfect outfit - we’re all for “how you feel is how you look”, so find something that suits your body type but don’t be afraid to put on that leather corset and test the limits.

A successful strip is about exuding confidence and your own sexiness, so focus on what makes YOU feel that way. Black lingerie paired with black garters and sexy stockings scream elegance and sensuality. It’s the look that will never let you, or your man, down. Once you’ve got your racy little number, what about on top of that? Tantalise your man with thigh-high boots and stilettos and if you feel confident in them - even better!

Anais Sequin Pasties

Don't be shy – embrace the true stripper vibe with some naughty pasties!

Looking to add a little more play to your pleasuring? Indulge in our fantasy lingerie. Dress up (or down) with one of our sinfully sexy outfits, from dominatrix leggings to dirty cop role play. This is your play time - make it as sexy as possible! Top tip: Don’t be afraid to use props to make play time a little more risqué! Treat your partner to the kinky sight of you titillating yourself or, (better yet?), keep him restrained and watch him fight the urge to touch you.

Dim the lights

A romantic massage candle is the best lighting.

Draw the blinds, drape the lamps and lay candles out around your room. Arrange a chair for him to sit on and make sure you have space so you’re a few feet away. You want to be back far enough so he can see all of you but also so you’re out of his reach!

As for your music choice, pick a song with a strong beat: something that isn’t too fast and is destined to bring out your inner vixen. It’s time to bring out those love making tunes hiding deep inside your playlist. So, you've got your outfit sorted, you’re looking seductive, and you've set your stage. It’s time for the main show!


To get things started, walk up behind him and, while blindfolding him, whisper in his ear “I’ve got something for you”. Your warm breath against his skin will send his testosterone through the roof … and the blindfold is sure to get his heart racing. Begin your show with a seductive strut! After you’ve sat him down, take your time walking away; turn slowly and drag your feet for a sexy seductive prance. If he’s feeling handsy (which we suspect might be the case) tie his hands with silky satin handcuffs or those stockings you ripped during your rehearsal (practice makes perfect after all). The combination of restraint and desire makes for a situation that is too hot to handle. We don't want him spoiling all the fun just yet ... or do we? The choice is yours.

Bijoux Indiscrets Desir Metallique Handcuffs

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Always pay attention to what you’re doing with your hands. Run your fingers through your hair, glide your fingertips up and down the sides of your body and focus on the important parts of your body. Remember that using your fingertips looks a whole lot sexier than wiping yourself with your whole palm.

Don’t forget to play with your hair. If you have long locks, run your fingers through it and flip it around. It will make him go crazy as he imagines it brushing against his skin, or pictures himself tugging on it when things get heated up.

Take your time and remove everything in the order you want. Eye-contact is a MUST! It shows him you are confident and that’s what will sell the tease! Play with an item of clothing before you remove it so he senses what’s coming. Let him imagine something before he sees it. Once you get down to the final pieces, your partner will be in the palm of your hand.

Show off your luscious body in your lingerie, saunter around the chair, snap a garter, bend forward and show him your cleavage. Don’t be shy to get on your hands and knees - let your man see you from all angles and change things up a bit.

Follow the seam of your outfit with your finger while bending over. Run your finger underneath your lingerie. Have an extra chair handy, sit in it and face him, open your legs slowly and close them again for a little sneak peak.

Slowly slide one strap of your bra down one shoulder and touch your chest lightly. Now the other strap. Turn around and unhook your bra, while glancing back over your shoulder. You can drop it on the floor, fling it across the room in a triumphant gesture or - better yet - toss into your man’s lap.

Next come your panties. Before you drop them, caress yourself teasingly. Heat things up with a sex toy and see him squirm as he watches you pleasure yourself. Finally hook your thumbs on either side of your panties, bend your knees and slowly pull them down. Once they’re around your ankles, step out of one side, using the other leg to seductively flick them in his direction.

Try to remember there’s no rush. It can go on as long as you want. He wants to keep these images of you getting naked in his head for him for as long as possible! The slower you go, the more powerful the tease.

Throughout the tease, touch him strategically. It can become torturous for him to not feel your touch or lay a finger on you the entire time. Every now and then sit on his lap, run your fingers through his hair and brush your breasts up against him - by the end he won’t be able to resist you! What comes next, we’ll leave up to your imagination…