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June 23, 2016

Sexting is here to stay. It may not be your cup of tea, but we have to face that these days it’s a huge part of dating and relationships. With that in mind, we’ve compiled ten terrific tips to make sexy texts work for you.
  1. Protect your privacy. Before you even get to the texting phase, think about what it means to ‘give a guy your number’ these days. We all know how intrusive our phones can be. Don’t give your number to someone you’re not totally comfortable with, or you may land up inundated in unwanted dickpics.
  2. Meet IRL. It’s fine to be flirty on Facebook or titillating on Tinder, but keep it above the covers until you’ve met him in person and felt the real live chemistry. He may sext up a storm, but turn out to be less than zero one-on-one. If you’ve kept it light, you’ll feel better letting it go.
  3. Tempt and tease. Sexting is the best kind of foreplay: you can do it at a distance, pretty much any time, and it gets you both in the mood for more to come. So send a sexy suggestion while he’s at work (Ideas: ‘Can’t wait for tonight...’, ‘Let’s get naughty later...’)
  4. Don’t over-emoji. While a well-timed eggplant may make him smile in anticipation, too many kissy faces get overwhelming. Emojis can be read in different ways, and they definitely don’t convey the seductive power of a few simple words like: ‘You make me feel naughty’.
  5. Work your words. Start off light and flirty, with some mildly sexy suggestions, then work your way up. (Ideas: ‘I loved what we did last night’, ‘I’m choosing something nice to wear for you’)
  6. Get downright dirty. Teasing texts may do the job perfectly well, but sometimes you want him to come running at your beck and call. That’s when a really naughty and direct suggestion is called for. (Ideas: ‘I want you to ... right now’, ‘I’m in the shower, waiting for you...’)
  7. Be camera-shy. At least at first. Once he has that nude pic, he won’t be focusing on the words any more. And saving frontal shots for Mr Right is actually a very sensible plan. Until you’re absolutely sure he’s not the type to forward those images, keep them on the down low.
  8. Build the tension. Snap a shot of just your feet, wearing fishnet stockings or high heels. Send him a low-lit image of your cleavage, or the curve of your waist. Don’t underestimate the power of mystery...
  9. Let his imagination run wild. Send a pic of a toy, with the caption ‘let’s try this out tonight’, or a link to a set of blood-pressure-raising lingerie with the note ‘just ordered this’. Set him to imagining all the possibilities.
  10. Top off a sexting session with: ‘I’m in the bedroom. Come and find me.’ Trust us, he’ll be there in seconds.

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