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September 21, 2017

We are heading into mid-Sextember already! We hope you made delicious memories with our last 10 assignments.

Now it’s time to push some boundaries. Let us guide you step-by-step while you tease, tantalise and tighten the bond you share with the person you love. The next tasks will have you touching, kissing and relishing each other. Keep your eyes on this, because we are only just getting into the most delicious parts of project Sextember!

Here are your next 10 “tasks”. Be sure to finish all your homework, and have fun!

Day 11 – Leave a sexy symbol


Select an item (it can be sex beads, a necklace, or perhaps even something sentimental) and agree that if either partner wants sex that night, they place the object on their partner’s bedside table in the morning.


Leaving a small souvenir like this is a wonderful way to make your partner feel desired (they’ll be smiling all day), and builds up delicious anticipation. But – you must make sure that you keep to the pact – otherwise the exercise loses its magic. When you get home or get to bed, make sure you hold up to your end of the bargain: this souvenir must guarantee sexy times – so treat the symbol with respect and care.

Day 12 – Set a sexy scene


Set the mood with scented and massage oil candles. Massage candles are great: once it’s melted, you can use the oil for a sensual massage, which is a great way to up the ante. Fragrances like jasmine and ylang ylang add to the mood with their aphrodisiacal qualities. Sprinkle rose petals on the bed, in the bath or on the dining room table (if you’re feeling adventurous).

Massage oils
Our range of massage candles is perfect for adding some romance and slippery deliciousness to your sex life. Light the candle and then use the melted oil!


Taking the time to set the mood by picking flowers (even if you are “picking” them from Woolies, har har), playing romantic music, and placing candles around sends a message to your partner. You are expressing affection that brings a very real emotional connection into your lovemaking. It’s all about showing the one you love how deeply you care.

Day 13 – Feather tickler


Stimulate the senses tonight with a feather tickler. Gently stroke your partner’s erogenous zones; touching, without really touching. In contrast to the gentle, tickling strokes of the feather, a tight tap from the crop on the other end will build anticipation to the max – what will you do next? Delicious.

Feather ticklers from Matildas
The Bijoux Indiscrets Pom Pom Feather Tickler is a surefire way to get your partner squealing in delight!


Stimulate and hypnotise all the nerves, and open channels of communication between the two of you. Ask for guidance to learn where it feels good, and share a giggle if it tickles.

Day 14 – Challenge your partner to a game – strip poker, anyone?


Tonight is games night! If you’ve never played a “sex game” before, believe us, this is your chance to turbocharge the definition of fun in the bedroom. It’s all about following the rules… and the best part? Everyone’s a winner! We’ve personally selected a few pleasurable games for you to try, so have fun and go wild.  

The Oral Sex Game is great for a naughty warm-up! Expand your oral sex skills with five techniques for him and five techniques for her. The game includes a board, two markers and double dice. The winner wins – you guessed it – oral sex!

Looking for something instructive, lighthearted, and sexy? The Kinky Dice Game is perfect for setting the mood and having some fun at the same time! Simply throw the dice and roll with the delightful instructions you are given. It’s a game of triples: Three dice, three instructions – which body part, what to do and where to do it. No matter how you roll, everyone wins.

The Oral Sex Game
The Oral Sex Game – where everyone is a winner!


Add a sense of playfulness in the bedroom, lower inhibitions and build trust. Playing an adult sex game allows partners to fully immerse themselves in the joy of playing with each other and leaves the hard work out of it (couples who play together, stay together). Indulge in fun and pleasure, and let a sex game get the communication channels flowing, while you let the game call the shots!

Day 15 – A sexy note in their lunchbox


“Tonight, you are going to lie back and let me take care of you!”

Add a sexy (handwritten) note to your partner’s lunch box today. Keep it short, sweet and slightly spicy. You can mention something you love about your partner or something you love having them do to you, and finish the note with how it makes you feel.

Refer back to a sexual memory the two of you share: inside jokes or happy endings provide awesome talking material. Dirty talk doesn’t have to be explicit, sometimes only sharing half of the story leaves the imagination to fill in the blanks and deliver an utterly awesome build-up: “Wait until I show you what I have planned for you tonight”.


Reawaken that pre-teen romance that makes your palms sweaty, your heart race and your fingertips tingle with excitement. Foreplay can begin hours ahead of sex, and flirting in this way sets the scene emotionally. Unexpected (sexy) sweet-nothings in the form of notes sprinkled across the day and alluding to a night of passion? Yes, please!

Day 16 – A quickie


Sex on the run! No foreplay or introductions. Pinned against the wall, start with a long, lustful kiss to get things going. Find the inspiration you need with these 60 Stories of Sudden Sex.

A rushed quickie with a need for immediate satisfaction gives you hot, messy, instant gratification. Add a risky location into the mix and stay partly clothed (if you wish). Your urgent need to have her right now will be all the aphrodisiac you need.


A recent study found that most lovers – both men and women – prefer a shorter session in the bedroom, no longer than 13 minutes. A quickie allows reckless abandon to kill your inhibitions. Amid the tender and romantic love-making that typically comes with relationships, surprise spontaneous sex will prevent that dreaded rut and keep things exciting.

Day 17 – Phone sex


Today’s sexy assignment is all about communication – over the phone! Tell your partner what you want, and how it will make you feel. Send a steamy text or even a sexy pic: “I bought these tasty little things today and my mind was filled with thoughts of what we might do after I try them on for you.” Recall out loud some happy memories that you shared and tell each other what you enjoyed. Use a soft voice and draw your words out.


Phone sex, sexting and exchanging nude photos is a lot of fun (and is somewhat critical for long distance couples). Sharing your fantasies over the phone allows you to dabble in ideas you want to explore, but would never usually act on, like fantasies about sex in public.

Day 18 – Handcuffs


Hold me back, baby! Teach your partner some self-restraint this evening, and by “teach”, we mean restrain him. Cuff your partner and provide a shower show. Remove your clothes, have a hot shower and run your hands slowly over your body and throw a cheeky glance at your cuffed partner once in awhile. Sponge your beloved down too, from time to time: after all, it’s a sweaty business being teased so cruelly! Moisturiser? Lather yourself after the shower, as thoroughly as you please. Draw it out until you feel ready to turn up the heat. Remove the cuffs and turn the show for one, into a party for two.

Cuffs and restraints
Tie them up and make them scream for more. We love using a little restraint in the bedroom!


Enjoy his eyes wandering over your body and feel the desire radiating from him. Handcuffs are extremely versatile, lightweight and easy to transport. A great bedroom accessory for anyone, from the shy and unassuming to the bold and adventurous alike, there’s a myriad of fun to be had for every taste.

Day 19 – Masturbate in front of your partner


Today we encourage you to have a little “me-time” in front of your partner, or invite your partner to self-pleasure for your enjoyment. Start by touching, slowly and sensually, and invite your partner to take over, touching him/herself. Alternatively, jump right in and cuff your partner to limit their access, and teach by example, giving your partner a front row seat to your own pleasure! Use it as foreplay, or make it the main event. Either way, happy endings all round.


It’s fun, it’s sexy and it adds spice to your sex life. Masturbating in front of a partner dabbles in a little voyeur and exhibitionism while bringing great joy to both parties. It also teaches your partner how you like to be touched, making it easier to for them to please you. Adapt the assignment to suit your desires and excitements!

Day 20 – Commercial fun


Cuddle on the couch, turn the TV on, and turn each other on while you’re at it. Like a drinking game, but without the hangover, you are only permitted to touch each other during commercial breaks. Pay special attention and ensure you don’t break the rules of this game!


Remember kissing your sweetheart on the sly as a youngster, and every time someone walked past you had to stop? This is a similar idea. The stop and start will create a delicious sexual tension, with every stop becoming ever-more torturous than the previous one. By the time you make it to the end of the TV program, you’ll be ready and ravenous for each other!

This batch of tasks will help push you out of your comfort zone and into a realm of all-new sexual experiences, If you have risen to the occasion, you will undoubtedly feel a new sense of connectedness with your partner too. Continuing on this journey together will only strengthen the bond you already share, so look out for your last 10 assignments in the Sextember 30-day sex project series!

Missed out on the first installment? Check out the blog post here:

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