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May 31, 2017

The Hysterical History of Sex Toys

For the first few millennia of human existence, sex was pretty much a DIY thing … DIWAF (do-it-with-a-friend) thing, at any rate. The fabulous vibrating chair notwithstanding… Or so we thought. If literature is to be believed, rare creative types fashioned their own inventive ways to spice things up, but, overall, sex didn’t have a whole lot to do with the tools of the trade.

The truth is a different beast … and we like it. US-based LifeStyles condoms has created a clever infographic that shows just how – and WHY – sex toys were created, how they were first used, and how far they’ve, ahem, come since then.

She Be Crazy

The Drive-Me-Crazy glass wand is a classic - with a touch of fairy tale thrown in.

Today we know that as few as one in every four women can climax through sex alone. The other three quarters need a little help. If you’re one of the majority, and you didn’t know help was at hand (ha!), you might understandably feel frustrated.

In 2017, we recognise sexual frustration, and we know how to fix it. In the 13th century and before? Not so much. Back then, frustrated women were diagnosed with “hysteria” (from the Greek hysterikós, meaning suffering in the womb). By the 19th century, such forward-thinking doctors as Joseph Mortimer Granville had discovered that “pelvic massage” was an effective solution to women’s hysteria. Thank you, doctor!

Unfortunately for him (but very fortunately for us!), Dr. Granville was a handsome young man and soon attracted a following of legendary proportions. Treating so many ailing ladies took its toll, and in time Dr Granville developed carpal tunnel. For which he was sacked.


Need a hand? Get the Jimmy Jane Hello Touch vibrator.


Getting Creative

Not to be deterred, and inspired by an inventor-friend’s creation of an automatic duster, the intrepid young Joseph Mortimer soon developed that special little friend we know and love today – the vibrator.

Initially sold as a medical device, the vibrator has morphed through many incarnations and has now become the most common household sex toy.

In fact, as many as one in three American women owns at least one, often more. In an interview with USA Today, clinical psychologist and sex therapist explained the trend:

“Couples are less willing to tolerate lousy sex. People have much higher expectations... Introducing a vibrator into a sexual relationship is now much more common in the U.S. and much less fraught with protecting a man’s precious ego than it might have been 15 or 20 years ago.”

Clearly, old-fashioned taboos and euphemistic references are a thing of the past. Men and women alike are embracing sex as a way to connect, explore, and have fun. It’s play time for grown-ups. And play time just wouldn’t be complete without the right toys!

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