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August 14, 2016

The Sex Games

Fun ways to add adventure to your sex life

With winter approaching, there's no better way to keep warm than by taking part in our naughty Sex Olympics. Grab your work-out partner and get your heart rates pumping with this fun filled sexercise routine! This is ONE workout plan that you'll LOVE. Let the games begin!

Tip 1 | Get in Gear It's essential to be properly (un)dressed for any sporting event! Grab your favourite bedroom sporting accessories and get busy! If you want a new spin on your usual toys, try rummaging through your old box of athletic equipment. Have you ever considered the naughty things you could do with a cricket paddle? SHEW! Or maybe your sweatband can serve as a blindfold or sporty restraint. The Sex Olympics are a great excuse for creative role play!

Tip 2 | Wicked Warm-Up Ensure better performance by warming up all your love muscles with one of our revolutionary massage candles! A massage will loosen and limber all of your most important bits. Not only will massage candles provide lighting for your seductive sporting event but you can drip sensual massage wax on your partner for a full body rub down.

Tip 3 | Lubricate & Hydrate Any athlete knows that hydrating your body before a workout session is vital. Delicious lubes like System Jo or O My flavoured lube will give you a tasty treat while you're splashing liquid love on each other's juiciest bits!

Tip 4 | Carnal Cardio Relay Race Ready, set, go! Girl on top, boy on top. For this racy relay, take turns demanding your favourite positions for 60-second intervals. Before your Sex Olympics commence, pick your favourite upbeat CD. Happy, sexy, tunes are perfect for setting a rapid, rhythmic pace...

Tip 5 | Cool Down Whoever crossed the finish line first (wink wink) owes their partner a sensual wipe down. Pamper your team-mate by using hygiene cleaner and a warm towel to gently wipe their intimate areas clean. Wrap them in a plush silk duvet and allow them to slip into languid relaxation.

BONUS – Team photo! If you and your partner dig erotic photography or even if you just want to remember this silly and sexually momentous occasion grab the camera and strike a pose!

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