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June 06, 2016

Product Review: Nova We-Vibe

An amazing rabbit vibrator!

I got so excited about the idea of rabbit vibrators. I thought: ‘Yes, this is the answer! Of course the best way to have orgasms is to be stimulated internally and externally at the same time’!

And then, after I’d contorted and moved it around and tried and tried to like it, I just kind of thought ‘oh, I guess my body is the wrong shape for this thing’, and gave up on that idea.

Turns out (and I really hope this is actually no surprise to you) there is nothing at all ‘wrong’ with my, or your, body; they just weren’t designing the things very well. Make no mistake, if you happen to have the right length of vulva, or vagina, or whatever the perfect combo is for a rabbit to get you off, there are some gorgeous toys out there.

Designers have done their best to create rabbits that are beautiful, powerful and versatile. The Fifi, the Kissing Swan, Ina, and others come so very, very close. But I’m here to tell you that the We-Vibe Nova is as close to perfection as I reckon they’re going to get.

Nova Design

We Vibe Nova


It’s all in that flexible clitoral arm. (And how cute is the little lenticular on the box that shows you how it works? I love it.)

It bends inward, tucking up against the outside of your vulva, snug against your clitoris. The soft silicone has a lot of give, so if you mash it up against your pubic bone, it’ll give you nice pressure without feeling like it’s going to break anything. Here’s the real genius: if you’re wiggling the Nova around, or thrusting it to get to that happy g-spot place, the clitoral arm stays in contact.

It stays there! Maybe the pressure changes a little bit, but the happy vibes don’t go away. You don’t suddenly find your clit out in the cold just as things are almost perfect (I see you nodding...). Whether you’re concentrating on getting it on internally or externally, the other arm is right where it needs to be to keep doing the job.

The internal shaft is 11cm, flaring out to 3.5cm girth at the top, with a pleasingly narrow base. Again, because of how the external arm flexes against the vulva, this length is not prescriptive. If you need to push it all the way in, you’re good; if you prefer just the tip, still good. Ok, so that’s it, really, that’s all you need to know.

The We-Vibe Nova is a ridiculously simple design that just happens to be absolutely perfect to fit many more body shapes, and pleasure them deliciously, than just about any other rabbit vibe we’ve found. There’s more though. Oh yes, there is. Other reviewers have mentioned We-Vibe’s wonderfully strong vibrations.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if they’d got this design absolutely 100% spot-on and then that arm had buzzed weakly against my clitoris, I’d have been really pissed. Which is why I’m pleased to tell you that this baby delivers on the vibrations. The two motors operate independently, and are both strong and rumbly. That means deep, intense vibrations, not buzzy, flitty surface vibes that make you go tingly and, just as quickly, numb.

Nova Patterns

Plus: the patterns. I have developed an abiding passion for the ‘cha cha cha’. Like the smoothest latin lover, it dances me to my happy place, counting ‘1...2...1,2,3’ so perfectly between the two motors that I’m not entirely sure which it is that finally sets off the cascade of orgasm. Usually, I find the patterns on toys pointless, or worse: distracting. And I won’t say all of the We-Vibe patterns are great... Echo just seems a waste of my time, tbh. But on the whole they’re quite well planned and timed. And if I don’t like the timing, there’s always the app.

We-Connect App



Ah, the app. We-Connect is a great app. It works through a Bluetooth connection with your toy. Bluetooth has its own iffy-ness, and works better or worse on different types of phone. We-Vibe gives optimal specs on their website.

I love the app at least partly because of the visuals: I can see what a pattern is expected to do before I choose it, and make a more informed choice. I can also easily swap between patterns without having to cycle through every one (that alone is worth its weight in gold), and adjust speed and power on a given pattern. Plus I can create my own patterns. What’s not to love here?

Oh, and also plus: I can have one or more lovers add the app on their phones so that they can take control (if I let them: I can only enable one lover/phone connection at a time, and the one I enable may just be myself, if my partner isn’t playing nice).

Extra bonus of the app: it works with most We-Vibe toys, and presumably will be compatible with new toys they may launch. I’ll admit, the control buttons on the plastic handle of the Nova are extremely subtle (there’s an indented on/off surrounded by four buttons to change speed and/or pattern), and pretty badly situated.

When it’s inserted, I can’t see the buttons, or feel them very well, and they’re frankly in an awkward position. I care little for this problem, though, because app! If my Bluetooth wasn’t playing nicely, it would be a different story.

Practicalities: We-Vibe claims you’ll get ‘2 hours of pleasure’ from one 90-minute charge. So far, I’m confident it’s good for those two hours, at least. Which is good, because I don't love the magnetic charger, really. It's too fiddly and easily knocked off. I don't know why designers persist with these.

When they say ‘whisper quiet’, they mean it. Maybe quieter than an actual whisper. There’s a cute sachet of the We-Vibe Pjur lube in the box. The old We-Vibes couples toys were notoriously draggy and needed a TON of lube; you won’t have that issue here. The silicone of the shaft and clitoral arm are deliciously smooth. And it’s fully waterproof, so you can play in the tub or, more importantly, clean it quickly and easily with mild soap and warm water.

Finally, a sweet white satin bag to keep your new best friend dust-free and hidden from prying eyes.

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