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June 30, 2016

The Rocket Scientist reviews the latest innovation from Fleshlight: The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

After a hard day rocket sciencing, there’s nothing better to come home to than a new thing to review for Matilda’s.

This time around, the discreetly packaged item waiting for me on the table by the front door was the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

Fleshlight describe it as their “most compact sleeve to date”, lauding its “dual orifices” and, slightly more concerningly, its “winding, grinding screw-like texture”. That last bit didn’t sound hugely inviting if I’m absolutely honest, but words never hurt anyone (much), so let’s continue. Fleshlight Quicklight Vantage

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is basically a clear jelly sleeve, held within a clear plastic casing. The ends of the clear plastic casing each unscrew, leaving you with a 3cm wide oversize napkin ring holding the 9cm long sleeve around the middle, and meaning that your member can slide into one end and right out of the other. The firm plastic ring is a really good size to be able to hold on to and gives you a really decent grip, which is important when you’re using the toy with lube - as you will probably want to.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage and Boost

Before we continue, please note that you shouldn’t confuse the Quickshot Vantage with the Quickshot Boost, which is essentially the same device but isn’t see-through.

And, apparently, the see-through bit is important, because some guys like to see what’s going on. Initially, I didn’t think that would be a thing for me, but it actually turns out that it was. When you think about it (and I thought about it afterwards, because I was otherwise occupied while using the thing), and without going into too much detail, it’s actually something you never get to see.

So yes, to be able to watch as the QuickShot Vantage did its thing was pretty cool – and ok, maybe a bit of a turn-on for us both too.

Fleshlight quick shot boost and vantage

Fleshlight are marketing this as a toy which can be used for solo masturbation or with a partner. Ever anxious to test drive these things thoroughly, I tried it and then we tried it, and it was equally pleasurable in both cases.

One thing which was notable was that the device is very forgiving - certainly more so than other toys like this. No matter how hard or rough (don’t ask!) the hand action, the jelly casing took the strain and I thankfully remained wholly unharmed (and actually rather pleasurably massaged) within.

Another positive difference between this and other similar toys was the lack of any unpleasant, off-putting noises. Sure, the occasional squelch here and there, but nothing like the really embarrassing “trapped wind” I’ve experienced with closed end toys before. “No darling! It was the toy! I promise. Please come back.”


As I mentioned, the QuickShot Vantage differs from the ‘traditional’ Fleshlight design in that it has an open end. Fleshlight’s “Play More, Clean Less” tagline for the product indicates what they see as the obvious advantage of this, and they’re right, it is easy to use and really easy to clean.

However, it should be noted that the effects of your experience have to end up somewhere, and in this case, it’s not conveniently within the confines of your Fleshlight toy.  You do need to be aware of this. Once you’ve washed the QuickShot Vantage - a really quick process - and let it dry, you can screw the ends back on. The ends of the hard plastic casing protect the jelly insert and make the Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage unobtrusive, easy to store and carry around.

Overall, this is a simple, easy-to-use and effective toy. We really enjoyed playing with it and the results spoke for themselves every single time.

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