Review: Doppio Couples Toy by BeauMents

Review: Doppio Couples Toy by BeauMents

The Doppio makes an excellent foreplay toy – it glides gently across the skin and the powerful motors in the tips provide a teasing buzz.

Toy Review: Doppio Couple's Vibe

Great for couple's play! 

The Doppio by BeauMents is a quite unique couples toy.  From the shape, you’d expect that it’s like a souped-up cock ring. That is true, but that’s not all it can do.


Doppio couples toy by BeauMents in blue from

BeauMents hasn’t gone all out on the packaging for this toy. You wouldn’t expect just how nice it is when you first open the box. The Doppio sits in clear plastic inside the packaging, with no bag or nice box to store it in.

It’s not a small toy, and it’s a bit of an awkward shape, so a bag would be great for keeping it safely clean and away from prying eyes. Given that packaging, I didn’t expect the smooth, high-quality silicone this toy is covered in, and it was a pleasant surprise.

The Doppio makes an excellent foreplay toy – it glides gently across the skin and the powerful motors in the tips provide a teasing buzz. The two top motors can be controlled independently of the base motor, including changing speed or pattern. This is especially useful when you’re using it during intercourse, so that the motor against your partner’s scrotum or perineum is set to his happy place, while the one stimulating your clitoris is at peak pleasure setting.

Charging the Doppio takes about an hour, and that will give you at least two hours of continuous play (probably longer, as I had all three motors on top speed). Plugging the charger in is a little disconcerting, as the waterproof seal gives a bit of resistance. But it’s ok: you won’t break it, just give it a little push to get the pin in. That seal works beautifully, and the Doppio is great fun in the bath or shower, as well as being super-easy to clean.

How to Use the Doppio Couples Toy

According to BeauMents, the Doppio can be used in multiple ways: on the nipples, as a clitoral stimulator, as an internal stimulator, and worn in a variety of positions around the base of the cock. As you’d expect, not all of these work that well.

Surprisingly, the nipple idea does. You can apply a light touch with the vibrations to get the action going, or clamp the nipple between the top ends of the Doppio for more intensive play. The top motors are also excellent for running along the labia, slowly upping the intensity of the vibration as you do so.

Laying them against the clitoris will work beautifully for someone who is very sensitive in that area: although the vibrations are quite strong, the shape of the toy makes the top ends lie on either side of the clitoral shaft rather than directly on it, sending delicious vibes through the whole area. In theory, you can also lay the base of the Doppio against the clitoris, giving direct vibrations through the base motor. In practice, the base motor is very weak compared to the two ends, and tends to feel more ticklish than sexy. This problem affects the most obvious use of the Doppio, as a couples toy during intercourse.

Doppio Couples Toy by Beauments in purple

Wearing it with the base against the scrotum should provide extra stimulation for both partners, but we found that the weak buzz of the base motor was merely distracting, while the bulbous heads of the top ends were uncomfortable during thrusting.

Turning it around so that the base end was at the top of the shaft was more comfortable for both of us, and gave my partner some pleasant testicular tingling. The toy is flexible enough that you could pull the testicles through and direct those lovely vibrations more toward the perineum if you’re so inclined.

The Verdict

Reasonably priced, nicely designed, and well-made, the Doppio is a great couples toy. I hope BeauMents takes note of the problem areas and considers nicer packaging and a stronger base motor for the next generation, but I’d still buy this one without hesitation. The sheer versatility makes it well worth-while.