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February 15, 2017

How to make up for missing Valentine’s Day...

Oh dear.

It’s 10:15am. On the 15th of February. And something is niggling at the back of your mind. Something about today seems familiar. What are you forgetting…?

And then it hits you.

Valentine’s Day.

It was yesterday.

And ya missed it. Well done, Casanova.

How could you?

Well, there are probably a lot of reasons for forgetting Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you got distracted. It’s a busy time of year (can anyone say financial year end?), and work might have been so crazy that, before you knew it, the day was over, the dinner plans were unmade, the gifts unbought, and you went to bed exhausted, blissfully unaware of the important date you’d missed.

Maybe friends or family came over, or took you to the pub, or suddenly called with some last-minute crisis that no one in the universe could have fixed but you. You got so caught up in their drama (or scintillating conversation. either way.) that you had no idea you were supposed to be doing something special for someone else in your life.

Maybe you simply lost track of time. Dude. Not. Okay.

Worse still: maybe you just forgot. Again: Dude.

Nothing says “I don’t care” like not taking the time to plan something special … in advance!

You probably feel a little sheepish right about now. You know Matilda’s is a 100% no-judgment zone, so you’re safe here. But this is no time to turn into Scrooge and claim you “don’t do” Valentine’s Day. Nope. You’d better own up to your mistakes. And make up for them – stat! Because we love you, we’ve put together a little list of our favourite ways to be apologised to. Here are our:

Top Three Ways to Make Up for Missing an Important Day

Whatever you decide to do to make it up to him or her, it's got to be more and better than you would have done if you'd remembered to do something yesterday.


One thing you have in your favour is that today is NOT Valentine’s Day. So the cinemas won’t be crowded with love-sick teenagers and every Mom-and-Pop who could organise a babysitter. (Fun fact: this makes a GREAT excuse for not having gone to the movies last night. You’re welcome.) AND it’s not Tuesday – aka Ster Kinekor half-price movie day. So you won’t look cheap taking your date to a movie tonight (sorry about your wallet, though).

What to see



50 Shades is still showing so … really, for us, this is a bit of a no-brainer. It’s a great way to make up for missing Valentine’s Day … and it could lead to a whole different kind of (much more fun) making up later. (Again: you’re welcome.) Here’s some inspiration to get you in the mood (like you needed that …). Luck favours the prepared, darling, so why not add a gift to the mix with one of our Fifty Shades-themed gift packs.

Desperately sad and achingly beautiful, Collateral Beauty is the feel-good movie of the month, and sure to bring you closer to one another. Think holding hands; sobbing gently on one another’s shoulders; long, meaningful embraces … Set the mood when you get back home with some scented candles and a soothing massage. You’ll probably want a box of tissues, too. And chocolate. Obviously.


Last week, when we were helping you prepare for Valentine’s Day, we had some really great ideas for places to take your lover on the Big Day. (See here.)

But ya missed it.

Now, nothing but the best will do. Go big – or go home.

You’ll want to select something romantic and intimate. Think classy (expensive!) food and really great wine. Gentle French music in the background. Soft lighting. Or recreate something similar at home … cook (or order in) your beloved’s favourite meal. Get the best wine you can afford. And make sure it’s an evening to remember! (We can help with that!)


Well, duh. Gifts are awesome. Everyone loves to receive something special, and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get something that makes you both happy.

Lingerie, quite frankly, is the perfect give. It’s fun for both of you. If you’re getting it for yourself, he’ll be hard-pressed to hold a grudge when he sees you in one of these (oh – see what did there?). And if you’re getting it for her, she’ll feel so gorgeous, she won’t remember why she was mad in the first place. (Of course, it helps if you blow her mind afterwards, and make her forget her worries …)

Valentine’s Day – like every day – is supposed to be fun. Why not finish it with a bang, and make making up the most fun it’s ever been?

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